Lee Adama Daily ficathon

Title: Daddy/Daughter Time
Author: spongetrisha
Rating: PG
Characters: Lee Adama, Kara Thrace
Pairings: None Really, Hint of Lee/Dee
Summary: Daddy Lee meets a stranger in the park one day.
Prompt(s): Lee meets a stranger in the park one sunny afternoon.
Warnings: None
Word Count: 944
Beta: wicked_sassy

Chapter One

It was a warm summers day in Los Angeles and Lee Adama decided to take his daughter to the park. Anastasia was away on a training exercise and was due back later on that night which meant Lee got to spend some quality time on his own with their daughter.

"Careful, Emily" Lee said to his two-year-old daughter as she attempted to feed the ducks. He was always fearful that she would step too close to the pond and fall in. Emily took a handful of the breadcrumbs and threw most of them over herself as he watched.

"Here, why don't I do it." Lee kept a tight grip on her as he threw the crumbs for the ducks and Emily laughed.

"Come on Munchkin, let's have a seat and we can have our sandwiches," Lee said and Emily climbed onto his knee. Emily was chattering away to him when a woman with blonde hair walked up to him and asked "Excuse me; have you seen a little boy with dark hair running past here? He'd have a dog with him. The pair of them have given me the slip."

"No, sorry I haven't." Lee replied. When he looked at the woman he had the oddest feeling that he knew her from somewhere. It was her voice that he thought he recognised.

"Okay thanks."

"I hope you find them." Lee called after her as she began walking off towards another group of families.

After they finished their sandwiches Lee took Emily to play on the swings. She was having a great time judging by her laughs and cries of "faster Daddy, faster."

A while later Lee was helping her to climb onto the slide when he felt something at his leg. A little voice called out "Hey Rocky, come here."

He turned to see the Blonde woman from earlier and she'd caught up with the kid and the dog, a black and white collie which was now sniffing at his sneakers.

"I'm sorry he's bothering you." she said.

"No it's okay - I see you've caught them both."

"Oh yeah, pair of mischief makers. They're totally inseparable." she replied

"Daddy?" Emily was clutching at his t-shirt.

"Hey it's okay baby, on you go. I'll catch you at the other side." Emily slid down and as promised Lee grabbed her and swirled her around.

"Me flying." Lee laughed at her.

"Auntie Katie can I have a shot on the slide?" The little boy asked the woman and she nodded.

"Hey, Auntie Katie, watch me." Daniel called as he slid down head first.

"Be careful Daniel." She replied.

"How long have you had the dog?" Lee asked as they watched the kids on the slide and Rocky sat on the grass at Katie's feet.

"About two years, he belonged to a friend. He moved and couldn't take Rocky with him so he came to live with me."

"Can't take your eyes off them for a second, can you." Lee said to her as he watched Emily climb up the steps and slide down.

"It's really warm today isn't it?"

"Yeah, I think I'll get this little one into the shade for a while." He said to Katie.

"Wanna go get an ice-cream?" Lee asked his daughter already anticipating her reply.

"Yes" came the enthusiastic reply.

"Auntie Katie, can I have an ice-cream too?"

"Okay, listen this may sound weird but would you mind if we tagged along with you?"

"Not at all. My name's Lee and this is Emily. " Lee smiled at the blonde woman.

"I'm Katie and this pair is Daniel and Rocky."

Chapter Two

Lee sat with Emily as she ate her strawberry ice-cream, Lee himself was eating a mint choc chip one.

"She's lovely." Katie said to Lee.

"Thank you. I'm biased but I think so too." Lee smiled at his daughter.

"Daniel's my nephew. I just watch him sometimes for my brother. He works really long hours and my sister- in- law is away at the moment, so I'm helping out. He's a handful at the best of times." Daniel was sitting on the grass beside the dog who was lying peacefully in the shade.

Emily managed to get some ice-cream on her nose and looked up at Lee.

"Look at you missy. She gets herself so messy sometimes." He went into her bag to get a wipe for her nose. She held her hand out for Lee to wipe that as well.

"Emily you want to come and say Hi to the doggy?" Katie asked her.

At first Emily wasn't too sure of him as Katie called Rocky over.

"Honestly he won't bite." Lee put his hand out to the dog and Rocky sniffed him. He then held Emily's hand out and Rocky sniffed again and wagged his tail politely.

Emily laughed and patted the dog.

"Looks like you've got a new friend." Katie said.

Emily was getting sleepy and climbed onto Lee's lap, cuddling into him. "Guess it's nap time now, huh." Lee said to her as he hugged his daughter close and dropped a kiss on to her forehead.

"Listen, we'll leave you to it. It was nice meeting you, Lee. And you Emily." She said as she got up to leave and Daniel and Rocky followed her.

"And you Katie and you Daniel and Rocky."

LOUK Fanfic - What are mates for

Type / Pairings: Matt/Ronnie
Main characters: Matt Devlin, Ronnie Brooks
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Nothing to graphic
Spoilers: Nothing specific
Beta: Persiflage 1
Disclaimer: Don’t own any of the recognizable character, just taking them out to play!

“Know what I’m looking forward to when I get off tonight, Mattie?  Having a nice hot bath, then putting my feet up and watching the telly while eating my dinner.”  Ronnie said round a mouthful of cheese and ham baguette.  “And what about you?  Any plans for tonight, dinner a deux perhaps?” 

Matt barely looked up from the mountain of paperwork on his desk.  He was going through witness statements for the case they were working on.


“Nope.  I’m looking forward to having some time to myself.”


“Oh do I detect trouble in paradise?”  Ronnie sat back in his chair and helped himself to a jelly baby.


“No, nosy, you don’t.  For your information, Lisa is on nights this week.”


“Don’t get stroppy with me.  It’s my job to be nosy.  Ronnie’s desk phone began ringing   “Hello DS Brooks.” He answered.


“What?  Okay Mrs Daly calm down!  I’m on my way.”


“Something wrong?”  Matt looked up, hearing the worried tone in his partners voice.


“You could say that sunshine.  That was my upstairs neighbour, my building is on fire.”


A short time later, Matt and Ronnie arrived at his place.  Matt had drove as fast as he could but the building was well alight when they arrived.


“Just spoke to one of the Fire Fighters, seems the fire started in one of the middle flats but not sure what started it yet.  Looks like we’ll be here for a while.”


Some time later one of the fire fighters came and spoke to Ronnie and the rest of the residents.  “Okay the fire’s out but until the building is made we can’t let you back in I’m afraid.”


“Ronnie you can stay at mine tonight.”  Matt offered.




“Cheers Mattie, I really appreciate this.”


“It’s okay, you’d do the same thing for me.  The place is a bit of a tip though, I haven’t had time to clean up,”  Matt replied as he opened the door to his flat.

"Did they give you any idea how long it'd be before you get back in?" Matt asked

“No idea mate.  They’re going to call me once the investigator’s been in.  Poor Mrs Daly above me though, they seem to think her flat’s a goner.”


“Blimey, Anyway make yourself comfy.”  Matt’s voice drifted in from the kitchen.


Ronnie looked around Matt’s living room, which seemed bigger since the last time he was here.   The room had a big comfy black leather sofa and two matching armchairs.  There were some photographs of Matt’s family on one of the shelves.


“Cheers mate.  Tell you what I’ll have this and then nip out for dinner, just point me in the direction of the nearest chippie.” he said as Matt came in with mugs of tea for them both. 


“Mattie do me a favour.  Tell me if I’m in the way while I’m here.”  Ronnie said after they had eaten their takeaway. 


“I’m not with you Ron.”


“You know, with you and Lisa.  If you want the place to yourselves, tell me and I’ll make myself scarce.”


Matt laughed “Okay.”


“I like Lisa.  She’s really nice.”  Lisa had been the Family Liaison officer on a case they were working on and Ronnie would have to have been blind to miss the spark between them.


“I’m glad you approve.” Matt smiled


“You introduced her to the rest of the Devlin clan yet?”


“Don’t you start!  I’ve got Kate and Siobhan on my case asking when are they going to meet her.  They can’t stand that Mikey’s met her and they’ve not.  Remember the other weekend when I was looking after Kieran?  The little sod only told his mum and dad that he was havin a brilliant time with Uncle Matt and his friend Lisa.  So the next thing I get a text from Mikey to tell me they’re coming to pick up Kieran, but they seemed to like her.  I didn’t get the lecture about introducing my nephew to my female friends who never seem to stick around for long.”


One of the photos caught Ronnie’s gaze “Is that you all when you were younger?” Four young kids smiling into the camera while their mother held a baby in her arms all sitting on a bench at the seaside.  He had ones very similar of his girls when they were kids.  Hopefully not all of them burned beyond repair.


Matt nodded “That was when we were on holiday in Eastbourne.” 


There was another more recent one of the five of them taken at a family wedding and two kids photos.  One was Kieran and the other was of his niece Jessica.


“She’s getting big.” 


“Yeah she is.  I was talking to her on SKYPE the other night and she asked me if I got the photo she sent me.  She’s only three but she’s going to be trouble when she’s older, Kate told me she’s got half of the boys in her class fighting over her already.”


Ronnie laughed.  “Sounds like she’s inherited the Devlin charm.”


“You are not kidding.”  Matt laughed.


“Will you be alright in the spare room?”


“I’ll be fine sunshine.  I really appreciate you doing this for me you know.”


“I was hardly going to see you out on the street now was I?  And just so you know, the bed didn’t come from IKEA!” He laughed shooting a cheeky grin at Ronnie.

































Title: A Christmas Kiss
Author: [info]spongetrisha
Author's e-mail/website: trishameechan@aol.com
Fandom: Law & Order UK
Summary:  Written for the Law and Order UK Holiday Fic Exchange. Party time for Team Law
For [info]diamond rocker
Type / Pairings: Slight Matt/Alesha
Main characters: Matt Devlin, Ronnie Brooks, Natalie Chandler, Alesha Phillips
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Nothing to graphic
Spoilers: Nothing specific
Beta: N/A
Disclaimer: Don’t own any of the recognizable character, just taking them out to play!

A Christmas Kiss

The MIU Christmas Party in the Kings Arms was in full swing when Alesha arrived.  She arrived just in time to see Ronnie giving out presents; he was dressed in a full Santa outfit complete with beard.


“Alesha didn’t see you come in.  Lets get you a drink.” Natalie called to her.  Come and sit over her with the boys and me.  Shame you just missed Santa.”


Ronnie was unwrapping his present still wearing his Santa suit and he burst out laughing when he saw his gift.  He held up the pants that said stud on them and said “Alright, whose been bragging then?”  Come on then Mattie, get yours open.”


Matt opened his and went “Oh thanks Santa.  Just what I wanted.”  His Santa had bought him slippers and a dressing gown.


“Right I’m going to get changed, get me another Orange juice Mattie.”




The drink was flowing and pretty soon there were some inebriated Police officers.  The Karaoke was going great guns; Angie had dragged Matt up to sing Fairytale of New York with her. 


“I never knew Matt could sing.” Natalie remarked as she listened to her young detective do more than a passing job.


“I think he’s got his first groupie.” Ronnie said as Matt was trying to hold up a very drunk Angie.


“Well done sunshine.  Who would’ve thought it, Matt Devlin the singing detective.”? 


“Shut up and get me another beer.” Ronnie did as he was bid and Natalie excused herself so Alesha and Matt were left sitting on their own.


“You look lovely.” He said to her.


“Thank you.  You don’t scrub up too bad yourself.”




“Nice singing by the way.”


Matt laughed.  “Well what could I do?  She had organised the whole thing and I couldn’t really say no could I?”



“That’s what I like about you Matt.  Always willing to help out a damsel in distress.” She smiled at him.


“You know me.  A sucker for a pretty face.”  Just a moment their eyes caught.


“No James tonight Alesha?” Ronnie asked as he came back from the bar with their drinks.


“No.  He’s off up to Edinburgh to see his Son.  He got a train this afternoon”


“I wouldn’t have thought this would be his scene anyway.”


“Ronnie!” Natalie warned.


“Anyway, Alesha what are your plans for Christmas Day?”  Natalie changed the subject quickly all the while glaring at Ronnie.


“Dinner at Mum’s as usual this year.  I have to go and do the duty visit and be interrogated about when am I going to find a nice boy and be like my sisters and settle down and have a family.” She smiled


“What about you guys anyone doing anything exciting?”


“I drew the short straw, I’m working.”


“Oh Matt, that’s a shame.”


“Don’t be sorry.  I actually think I’m lucky.  My sister is having Christmas dinner.  She made it last year and it was a disaster.  She hadn’t defrosted the turkey and the vegetables were raw.  We ended up getting a Chinese.”  He spluttered with laughter.


“I’ll drop in once I finish my shift though.  You know, see the family.”


“I’m sure they’ll be pleased to see you.  Do you get interrogated the way I do?”


“Oh God yeah.  My sisters consider it to be their duty to find out every last detail of my love life or lack of.  Maybe I should take along Ang, that would shut them up.” 


“Ang would love that.  Remember that night your brother picked you up?  She crowed for weeks about meeting him.  You would have been forgiven for thinking she’d met the Queen.” Ronnie laughed at his younger partner.


“It was only Mark.  Anyway where are you having your turkey this year?”  Matt asked.


“I’ll be right beside you sunshine.  You’re not the only one doing the old Christmas day shift.”


“I’m glad I’m not working tomorrow, by the state of this lot I think there is going to be a few sore heads in the morning.” Natalie said looking round her as some of the detectives were dancing on tables.


“Time I was going.” Alesha said.


“Are you sure? You don’t have to go you know, just because this lot are getting a bit out of hand.”


“I’m sure.  Look I’ll get a taxi outside, I’ll be fine.”


“I’ll see you outside, make sure you get in a cab okay.”


“Thanks Matt.”




“I meant it you know, you really do look lovely.”  He told her as they waited in the pub car park.  Too good for the likes of me, he thought.


Alesha smiled.  “You don’t have to wait here with me, I’ll be okay.  Look it’s cold out here, go back in and enjoy the rest of the party.” 


“No it’s okay.  I could use a bit of fresh air.”


“So did you like your present from Santa?”


“It was great.  Just what I’ve almost wanted, a dressing gown that’s at least two sizes too big for me and a pair of slippers.  Oh what fun I’m going to have with them.  I’ll probably trip myself up wearing them” Matt laughed.


Alesha burst out laughing at the image of Matt tripping over wearing slippers that were too big for him.


She leant over and kissed him on the cheek.  Then she kissed him full on the lips.  For a second he was caught off guard and then he returned her kiss willingly, wrapping his arms around her.


Her taxi arrived a moment later.  Reluctantly, she moved away from Matt.


“Matt.  Give me a call if you’re free over Christmas.  Maybe we can meet up, go for a coffee?” she smiled.


“I’ll do that.” He smiled back.


“Merry Christmas Matt.”


“Merry Christmas Alesha.”


































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Starfury con report

  Where to start? This was the best weekend ever.   It all started on the Friday afternoon. We fly into Heathrow and catch up with Peter and Rae and head off to the Thistle. While on the bus it goes past the Kings Arms and I come over all nostalgic for that night last year when the Bunnies broke all known speed and sound records.   Anyway we get to the hotel and get checked in and I tell Peter – “Don’t let me make an idiot of myself.” He just laughs at me. We go and get registered and then once that’s done; we all head over to McDonald’s for some food and a Bunny catch up.    Then it’s back to the hotel for the opening ceremony, Sean comes out and introduces Leah Cairns, Morena Baccarin, Sean Maher, Jonathan Woodward (more on him later), Kate Vernon, Luciana Carro, Alessandra Torresini, James Callis and the man himself Jamie, who has hot-footed it from the Law and Order UK Set.  At the end of the ceremony they play All along the watchtower and Jamie goes for a bit of air guitar which has me in raptures.   To finish the night off we go to the opening night party and have a few lemonades before it was off to bed.   Saturday starts with the breakfast and then it’s down to the hall for the screening of The Plan and then the panels. James and Jamie are on last and together they are like a pair of schoolboys. Highlights included:-  
  • Jamie being asked about appearing in Dollhouse, initially he had thought about saying no to this as it co-insided with the girls finishing school and he was planning on them going to LA on holiday as a family for a month. Thankfully, Kerry talked some sense into him and he spoke to Joss. He was blown away with the fact that his character was a billionaire arms dealer and he had limos, body guards and private jets. Contrast that with L&OUK where they can barely afford the twelve jurors.
  • James being asked about the fight scene in Brigit Jones between Hugh Grant and Colin Firth where they are out in the street fighting like girls.
  • Inevitably they were asked about the ending and both felt the endings were perfect for their characters.
  • Jamie was asked about what direction he and Katee were given for Lee and Kara’s final scene and he said they weren’t given a lot. Michael Rhymer caught his eye a few times during the shoot, and according to Jamie a lot of good directors will catch an actor’s eye whereas some bad ones will talk a lot.
  • Jamie was also asked about shooting with the pigeon – it was the fattest pigeon he’d ever seen and he was expecting a more delicate bird. He knew normally he could have killed it in a heartbeat but he had to act like he was drunk and he amped this up so he kept missing the bird.

Then it was time for autographs. While we were waiting for Sean’s autograph we notice that naughty Jonathan has doctored the towel photo. He has cut out Jamie’s head and stuck his head on Jamie’s body. It’s pretty funny.


We get Allesandra’s, Sean and Morena’s autographs and then James. Then it’s time for Jamie’s and here is where I go full on fan girl. Alexandra and Lynn go first and have a few words with him while he’s signing their stuff, Lynn had brought her Hornblower DVD  and she said that she would love him to do more period drama. He replied that he would love to do a Western!

Now it’s my turn and I can feel the goose bumps as I’m typing this.


I ask him how he’s doing and how L&OUK is going. He tells me it’s going well and there are some good episodes coming. I hand him over a gift, a bottle of whisky and he tells me thanks very much and then kisses me on the cheek! 

I literally float out of the autograph room and have a squee to myself.


At the end of the autograph session, Michelle gives him his gift from the Bunnies, the lighter with his name engraved on it. Michelle and Rae are stewarding and are allowed to take one person each into the room, Peter and Falcy go and then Michelle comes back out and says the rest of us can come in and watch from a distance, fair enough we don’t want to crowd him. He is genuinely touched and kisses the ladies and Pete gets a fist pump. Later as he’s leaving the autograph room we are hanging around waiting for Michelle and Rae to finish he walks passed us and says “thanks guys.”


We decide on Pizza for dinner tonight as I personally can’t face yet another McDonalds. We’re sitting eating it when Jonathan Woodward comes over trying to drum up business for his confessional. He steals a bit of our pizza and then yells “yuck” as he realises it’s a spicy bit he’s taken. Serves you right for stealing our pizza.   We then head to the party for some more drinking and a bit of dancing.   Sunday and we have the photos and more panels.  We’re getting our photos with James first, then Jamie and lastly the Bunny group shot, me and Alexandra are wearing our Bunny shirts and when we get our photos with James he says to Alexandra, “oh a bunny” and then I go and he goes “another bunny”.    Then I get my photo with Jamie and he is lovely, he asks me how I am this morning and I reply I’m fine. Then he sticks his arm around me.   The bunny shot is last and it’s hysterical. We are wondering how to arrange the shot, thinking Jamie is going to stand at the back, for some reason he decides he’s going to lie on the floor and some of us are going to put our feet on him. The funniest bit is when we’re all getting organised and he lies down and goes “feet up” to Falcy, Emjay and Ruth So Kerry, if you ever see this photo, it was Jamie’s idea not ours.   Jamie’s panel with Luciana is later on in the afternoon and highlights from that included:-  
  • He was asked about places he had been recognised and he told us that he and Kerry were on the underground recently and he heard 2 guys talking about the show. He sat with his hand over his face for about twenty minutes, thinking Kerry was about to point him out to them. When they got off the train and changed over at Hammersmith, he asked Kerry if she had heard any of their conversation and she hadn’t as she was busy reading the Metro, which is a free newspaper on public transport here in the UK. She asked him why he didn’t say anything to her, he didn’t in case the 2 guys heard his voice.
  • Asked who would win in a fight between their characters they both said Cat
  • Jamie got the legs cut off his flight suit because it was too warm filming in it.
  • Filming in the flight suits was uncomfortable because they were so warm and then they would have the helmets and lights on them and the helmets would fog up.
  • The only people who would be able to hear them would be the director and the sound guys through the ear pieces and they would take these off in between takes and the actors would be abandoned.
  • Out of all the jobs Lee had, Jamie’s favourite was the fighter pilot.
  • They were asked about perks and sometimes they get invites to events, premiers etc and occasionally free clothes, which Jamie says is great because he hates shopping, typical bloke.
  • He also sometimes gets Kerry to phone up restaurants pretending to be his assistant and book tables but sometimes it’s hard to tell because they may or may not have a table available. Sometimes he does it himself pretending to be his assistant.
  • On Sci-fi fans he said that everyone not at this convention is curious about exactly what we were doing and then came the line of the weekend when he told us that he would not be seen dead in this hotel except for us fans. We all fell about laughing at this point. I should point out that the comment was made in fun and was in no way meant to cause any offence.
  • Someone asked about some of Lee’s storylines coming out of the blue and in particular the Black Market episode. Jamie said that he felt that he had let the writers down with his performance in that particular episode. At this point I want to jump on stage and tell him it wasn’t his fault, his performance in no way sucked in that episode, he can only do so much when given such a weak script to work with in my opinion.


  • He was asked about Kerry appearing on the show and at first she felt a bit awkward.
  • She was also treated better as a guest actor than he was – she was flown up to Vancouver and put up in a hotel, their shooting schedules overlapped for two days so he got to sleep in the hotel, instead of crashing on James Callis’s couch.
  • Someone asked about him being multi-lingual and if that helped him get roles, he did a tape in French for a role as an Englishman who spoke fluent French but didn’t get the role. He also mentioned that he knows now if he didn’t get parts at auditions because he will always be told that they are big fans. 
  Later on we have the closing ceremony and Jonathan Woodward jumps up every time another guest is given the microphone. Jamie comes out to do his closing speech and shows us all a couple of dance moves, well runs about spinning his arms, but is adorable, he’s got his back to us for most of his speech so we get a nice view of his bum. He thanks the fans and says it’s been great catching up with everyone and he loved meeting all the other actors, especially Jonathan and now he would quiet like to put him and Aaron Douglas in a room and let one of them out.   And that was the end of the convention, it was lovely seeing all the Bunnies again and meeting Falcy for the first time and also a couple of the shippers.       




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Matt Devlin fic

Characters:- Matt Devlin/Ronnie Brooks

Setting:-  During 1.05 Buried

Rating:- PG

description:-  Matt finds himself returning to his Catholic Routes during an investigation.

disclaimer:- The characters belong to Dick Wolf/ITV, I'm just borrowing them.

Old Habits die hard


It was more out of habit that Matt found himself here.  It has been a long time since he had been in this particular church, the memory of that day would live with Matt forever.


Matt had attended mass since then for family weddings and most recently for his Nephew’s christening.  Glad that the church was relatively empty except for the few people waiting for Fr Walsh to hear their confession, he walked over to the side altar to the statue of Mary holding the child Jesus.


After placing a few coins in the slot, he lit a candle and placed it on the stand and then knelt, made a quick sign of the cross. 


As Matt knelt before the statue, he thought about Tommy’s mother.  How she could still believe in God was a mystery to him, after what this poor woman had gone through.  Tommy had been missing for 25 years and her husband had been killed the year before their Son had vanished.  Wasn’t God supposed to be merciful?


He prayed in silence “Dear God.  I know we haven’t spoken for a while and you know why.  I wanted to ask that you now look after Tommy and bring peace to his Mother.   Help us get justice for them.”




Matt had been gathering witness statements on Tommy’s case and met up with Ronnie on the walkway beside the Thames.


“Is that for me?” Matt asked as Ronnie came towards him with a coffee.  He took it from the older man and took a huge gulp.


“I don’t get it Ronnie.  How can she still believe in God, after everything.”


“Well I guess you won’t be lighting a candle for Tommy then?”  Ronnie asked


Matt didn’t reply


“You already have, haven’t you?”


“Well, once a Catholic.” Matt said.










Sometimes a Great Notion Missing Scene

Here's a little Bill/Lee fanfic.  Set towards the end of SAGN.

Thanks to Bamberiffic for an excellent Beta.

SAGN – Missing scene



Colonial One


Lee sat in his office, going through Dee’s personal effects.  He was still struggling to come to terms with what had happened.  The last time he had seen her, she was so happy, so full of life and only minutes later she had killed herself.


He had switched on the wireless to hear to his father’s speech, half-listening while he worked.  He heard his father say something about how painful the past few days had been for all of them and he promised to find them all a new home.


Lee picked up a small pouch from one of the boxes and emptied its contents on the table: out fell metal jacks.  He remembered Dee telling him that she used to play a game with these when she was a child. He picked up a picture of a very young Dee.  Who knew that it would end like this for that little girl with the beaming smile? A stray tear made it’s way down his face.


In his mind, he could still see Dee, laughing and holding on to his arm as they walked through Galactica’s corridors last night.  One minute she was with him and the next, gone. 


How long he sat staring at the jacks and the photo he had no idea.  He was shaken from his thoughts by the sound of his father’s voice.


He looked up, a little startled.  “I came to see how you’re holding up, son.” 

One look at him told Bill exactly how Lee was.  From across the room he could see how broken he was, Bill knew his son: - he was going to protest that he was okay.


“How am I?  I’m angry, confused and I want to know why she did it.  I loved her, Dad and then she goes and kills herself.  You know what makes it worse?  I was hardly the doting husband and I have no right to feel this way.”


Slightly taken aback, Bill tried to reason, “Lee, whether you were separated or not she was still your wife.”


“I keep asking myself if I could have done something.  She was with me last night; I should have noticed that something was wrong. I should have stopped her. I wish I had told her that I still loved her” Lee broke down, sobbing.


Bill crossed the room; the father in him aching to see Lee so upset.  There was anger in Lee’s voice just now, but there was also hurt, so real that Bill could almost touch it.


“Lee, son.  I am so sorry” Bill sat beside him and pulled him into his arms, wanting to shield him from the pain but knowing he was powerless to do so.  Bill held him tight, crying silent tears of his own, for his son and also for Dee.   


I won’t let him down, not again.  He’s not going through this on his own, Bill silently vowed. 


Lee let go of his father once his tears subsided, Bill kept one arm around him.


“Thank you” Lee’s voice was barely a whisper.


“What for?  For doing what I should have done yesterday?  I should have been there for you, in the morgue, and instead I was drunk.  I’m sorry.”


Lee was silent for a few moments; he looked at Bill and slowly nodded.


“You know something, maybe in some way, I can understand why she did it.”


 Lee’s last comment caught Bill off guard “Can you?”


“She’s not the only one whose ever thought about taking their life. Lee paused, watching his dad’s face, before continuing  

“There was a time when I thought about ending it all.”


“When you ejected from the Blackbird.” Bill stated.


Lee was stunned.  It never occurred to him that his father had realised the depth of his depression back then.  They had never spoken about it.


“Yeah, It should have been the best thing that could have happened to the fleet – finding Pegasus and look how it turned out.  You and the President planned to assassinate Admiral Cain.  We were inches away from a shooting war with one of our own Battlestars. We should have been fighting the Cylons, not each other.”


“It just all got too much, I was drifting in space, there was a hole in my flight suit and it was the easiest thing in the world to just move my hand and let the air escape, knowing it would all be over soon.”


Lee swallowed hard. “I’m not saying that I agree with what she did, because I don’t.  I’m just saying I know what it feels like to have your hope broken and to see death as the only way out.  Even welcome it somehow.”    


Bill nodded calmly, though inside his heart wrenched to hear how close he had come to losing his only living child.    He had known back then something was wrong with Lee but only now did he realise the extent of his son’s despair.

He’d had a few close calls himself when he was a pilot and he had a pretty good idea of what Lee must have been going through.


Turning he pulled Lee back into his arms.  “Thank you for telling me.”


He released Lee “I want to tell you something.  Just because Dee isn’t here anymore doesn’t mean you will stop loving her.  She’s always going to be a part of you.”


Lee raised a questioning eyebrow.


“Before you ask, yes I still love your mother, but if you repeat that to another living soul I will deny it.”


 Lee managed a small smile at that. They sat in silence for a few moments.  


“I really should get back to sorting out some of this stuff.” Lee gestured at the unopened boxes.


“Leave that for now.  I can do it for you.  You need to rest.”


“Dad, I’ve got a million things to do.”


“They’ll keep. Lee, you look like hell.  I bet you didn’t get much sleep last night.”


Lee let out a choked laugh, he had tossed and turned for most of the night and in his father’s arms, he had felt drained.  Bill had used his Command voice on Lee, the one that said he was not to be argued with.




Minutes later Lee was in his quarters with his father.  Bill had spoken to Lee’s Quorum aide and told him that unless the entire Cylon fleet was about to attack – Lee was not to be disturbed.


“I’m a little bit big for you to be tucking me in.” Lee half joked.


“Perhaps.  Get some sleep, I’ll be here if you need anything.”


Lee’s mind continued to spin with images and memories of Dee, but after a while tiredness and the comforting presence of his father allowed him at last to close his eyes.



















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Young Lee Fic



Eight-year-old Lee Adama was woken by the sounds of raised voices.  His parents were arguing again over the events of the day.  Lee, himself was upset, through no fault of his own, he had ended up being blamed for his brother’s actions. 




The day had started well enough.  Their Father was home on leave and it was a bright summer day with the sun beating down.  The boys played outside in the sunshine and one of Bill’s friends had brought his two sons over to play with Lee and Zak.  As it turned out Peter, the oldest boy, was in Lee’s class at school and Derek was the same age as Zak.  Lee was getting on well with Peter but Zak had taken an instant dislike to Derek.


“I don’t like Derek, he’s such a baby.” Zak had said to Lee while they were inside getting some Juice and cookies.


“Zak, come on you’ve only just met him.”


“He’s a big baby, not a big boy like me.” Zak had pouted and Lee had laughed at his brother.


“Can’t you try and get on with him?”




Things came to a head a little while later, while the boys were playing in their tree house. Zak and Derek were fighting, Lee and Peter broke it up but Zak then pushed Derek and he fell out of the tree house, landing on the grass below with a sickening thud.


“What in the name of the Gods is going on up there? Lee, Zak get down here now!” Bill commanded as his friend tended to his injured child.


“Both of you get inside now.”  Bill was barely able to keep the anger out of his voice.


Bill turned in time to see Carolanne roughly grab Lee by the wrist and demand, “How many times do you have to be told to supervise your brother properly?  What where you doing? Why did you let him behave like a hooligan?”




While Bill and Carolanne waited till they heard from the hospital, Lee and Zak were sent to their rooms.  Once Derek’s parents to called to let them know that Derek had broken an arm and a leg, Carolanne went upstairs and told them both their father wanted to see them.


When Bill called them through to the study, both of them stood with their arms at their sides, backs straight as they had been taught to do.


“ Well young man what have you got to say for yourself. I’m very disappointed in you Zak.  Derek has broken an arm and a leg, it could have been worse.  What you did was dangerous.” Bill could barely contain his fury.


Zak looked at his father with tears in his eyes “I’m sorry, Daddy.”


“ So you should be, why did you push him Zak?”


“He wanted my ball” the tears were running down Zak’s cheeks.


Bill was silent for a few moments, all this over a frakking pyramid ball. 


“As of now, both of you are to go nowhere near that tree house.  Tomorrow morning I’m taking it down.  Zak, you are grounded for a month.  And both of you will go to bed tonight without any dinner.”


Bill paused to let that sink in, and then finished with “Zak you may go.  Lee wait here.”


Zak turned his big eyes to Lee and left the study.


Bill stood looking at his oldest son; Lee was eight years old now, old enough to be more responsible.


“Lee, what happened today was unacceptable.  You were supposed to be supervising your brother.  We are very lucky that Derek was not more seriously injured.”


“I know Dad and I’m sorry.”


“Lee.  Zak is only five years old, he doesn’t know right from wrong, and that is why as his older brother you need to look out for him.  I’m not excusing what he did for one second.  But you need to keep a proper eye on him, your Mother and I put a lot of trust in you, Lee.”


Bill briefly paused before he added.

“Do you understand what I’m saying here, Son.  We need you to be a bit more responsible with Zak.”


“Yes sir.”




As Lee lay awake in bed, his parent’s angry voices drifted upstairs.

He could clearly hear his Mother saying, “I’m telling you Bill, this is all down to Lee.  Zak would never behave like that.”


“It was Zak that pushed Derek, not Lee.  Was there any need to grab Lee the way you did?”


“What, so you are questioning how I deal with my children now?  That’s rich coming from you.  You are never here to spend any time with your children, Bill.”


In his bed, Lee pulled the pillow over his ears to drown out his parent’s voices.  He just wanted to go to sleep and forgot all about today and all the upset, tomorrow had to be a better day.

















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The Final Gift Part 14

Chapter Fourteen


Three months later


It was a beautiful summer’s day on Earth and Lee was sitting on the grass of his home in Los Angeles playing with Abby.  Bill and Laura were watching them from the terrace.  Things were gradually settling down for all of them following the move from Galactica.


Bill was working as an Advisor to the military now and Laura was working as an assistant to the Secretary of Education.


Abby was now nine months old and she looked so much like Lee.  She had inherited his blue eyes and dark hair.  She was crawling now and just beginning to stand up.


Lee had a hold of Abby’s hands as she tried to stand up and fell over.  She laughed as she landed on her backside and Lee laughed as well.


Both of them had thrived since arriving on Earth.  Lee looked healthier than he had in a long time.  His hair had been gotten lighter, although not quite the blond of his childhood, he had a tan and he had put on a bit more muscle.

He had a job he loved, was closer than ever to his father, a woman he truly loved and best of all a beautiful daughter who was his whole world.



He loved coming home to Abby every day and chasing after her as she created a trail of devastation in her wake.  Abby had brought joy and laughter into their home.


She was laughing now as she tried to stand up again and fell over.  Lee picked her up and she spied her favorite teddy and crawled over to get it.

She picked it up in her chubby little hands and crawled back over to Lee.


She was growing tired and held out her hands to Lee.  He lifted her onto his knee and she cuddled into him.  “Sleepy huh, baby?”  He asked her.  Lee held her close as she drifted off in his arms.  He gently kissed the top of her head and trying not to wake her he walked up to the terrace with her.


“You guys looked like you were having fun down there.”  Bill said as Lee sat beside them with Abby in his arms.  As he sat there he thought Dee’s not here to see this, she would be so proud of her.”


“Yeah, we were.  Then she decided she’d had enough and went to sleep on me.” 


If he was lucky she would sleep for an hour.  He had some prep work to do for his next test flight so he went inside and Bill and Laura kept their eye on Abby.


Abby was awake again and playing with Bill when Lee came back out.  She let out a squeal when she saw Lee.  Bill handed her over to Lee and said, “You gonna play with your daddy again, sweetie?”


He was so proud of Lee - He was proving to be one hell of a father, which Bill never doubted for a second.


They were playing on the grass again and Lee was on his back and lifted Abby over his head like she was flying.  She loved it judging by the squeals and laughter.  She now had a hold of Lee’s hair and was pulling it and Lee let out a yelp of pain.  “Abby stop it,” he said between laughter.


From the terrace Bill joined in. “Abby, pull harder”. 


Lee sat up and started tickling her and Abby loved it.


The phone rang and Bill went to answer it.  When he returned his face was like thunder.


“That was Sgt. Rainsworth, seems our old friend has been up to her old tricks again and he’ll only release her into my custody.”


On the grass Lee collapsed in fits of laughter and said to Abby.  “Guess what baby, Auntie Kara is in hack again”.


Sgt. Rainsworth was the master at arms on the base and Kara was also working there as a flight instructor.  Lee had crossed paths with the guy a few times and knew that he was not to be messed with.


“It’s nice to know some things don’t change.  Everywhere Kara goes she’ll end up in hack.”  Lee remarked.


“And I always end up having to bail her out.  I better go see what she’s done this time.  See you later munchkin.”  Bill bent down to kiss Abby.


Abby looked up at Lee and gave him a heart-melting grin.  As he looked at her, he now knew what people meant when they said that children were a gift from the Gods.  He said a silent prayer of thanks to Dee wherever she was.

Nine months ago, a day like this would have been like a dream to Lee.  Dee’s death, Abby’s traumatic arrival and who would have thought that they would be on Earth now?


Abby was Dee’s final gift to him, the most precious gift she could have ever given him.