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The Final Gift Part 5


Chapter Five 


Bill had gone down to ship stores and found the things Dee had placed in storage for when the baby came.  She had a mountain of clothes, blankets and a few toys, enough to tide them over for the time being.


There had been times during the past two weeks when he was in CIC he caught himself looking over at the comms console and had to remind himself that she wasn’t there. 


A wave of sadness swept over Bill as he thought of Dee.  She had been like a daughter to him and he was happy when she had married Lee.  He had hoped that one day they would have children but not under these circumstances.

Abby was steadily improving but not out of danger as yet and Bill wondered what Dee would make of her daughter.  He had no doubt that she would have made a good mother but she had been cruelly robbed of the chance.


For the first time Bill started to blame himself.  If I had made her stay she would still be here now.  Why didn’t I send Hoshi?  This is my fault.


He had Abby’s things boxed up and sent to Lee’s quarters.  He would feel much better when he saw them. 




Lee was with Abby in sickbay when he got a visitor.  She was continuing to progress well and as Lee sat with her in his arms, he heard Kara’s voice.


“Hey Lee.” She smiled at him.  “I thought I’d come and check out this baby of yours.”


 “Abby, I’d like you to meet your Auntie Kara.” Lee said to his daughter. 


She looked down at the little girl in Lee’s arms and for once Kara Thrace was speechless.  “Oh Lee, my Gods she is beautiful” Kara kissed the little girl’s head, trying not to wake the sleeping child.


“I haven’t seen you much since the funeral, how you holding up?”


“I’m all right.”  And he was doing okay, largely thanks to his father.


“Lee, I just want you to know I’m here.  If I can do anything let me know.”


Lee was touched.  He let out a slow breath “Thank you”.


“I mean it Lee.  I want to help.”  She held his gaze and Lee saw something else other than concern in her eyes. 


He looked away and back down to Abby who was stirring in his arms.


“I’ll let you know.”  He said. 


“I gotta go or Stinger will have my ass again.”  Bending down she kissed the baby “Bye Abby.  I’ll come see you soon I promise.  You keep getting better for your daddy” Then she kissed Lee on the cheek and drew him into a hug.


  “Bye Lee.”


When he returned to his quarters later he saw the boxes on the table.  There was a note from his father.  Look what Dee had in storage, didn’t I tell you not to worry?


Lee stood with a tiny smile on his lips Abby would be fine for things for a while.  He was starting to feel a bit more confident that Abby would make it.

Cottle had mentioned to him that if her progress continued at this rate then soon he would be considering letter her go home with him.  Things were definitely looking a bit brighter for him and Abby.
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