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The Final Gift Part 7

Chapter Seven


When Abby was eight weeks old she had progressed to the point that Cottle was prepared to let her go home with Lee.


Lee was over the moon.  He had prepared his quarters as best he could and he practically ran into sickbay the day she was discharged.  Bill went with him and as he saw the look of sheer joy on Lee’s face he couldn’t help but grin as well.


Before discharging her, Cottle went through everything with Lee.  Abby’s immune system wasn’t fully developed as yet so for the time being she would have to be confined to his quarters in case she caught an infection, If he was concerned about anything he was to bring her into sickbay immediately and Cottle insisted on check-ups every second day.


Lee had been taken off active duty for seven days and when he returned to duty, Ishay would be taking care of Abby until she was well enough to go into day care.


“Okay Dad, I think that’s everything.  You have a beautiful daughter Major, congratulations.” Cottle said to Lee.


“Doc, I just want to say thanks for everything you’ve done for her.”


“My pleasure, now get your asses out of my sickbay.”  Cottle told them.


“Come on Lee, let’s go take your girl home”.  Bill said, his voice tight with emotion.


Lee picked up his daughter and held her tight as he and Bill walked back to his quarters with the baby.  “Hey Abby, guess what – you’re going home!”


The three Adamas were in Lee’s quarters a little while later.  Lee had put Abby down in her cot for a nap and he was sitting with a huge grin on his face.

 “What you looking so happy at?”  Bill asked him.


“A couple of weeks ago I thought I would never get her home.  I though she would be in sickbay forever.”


“Can I ask you something, Lee?”




“Was there ever a moment when you thought she wasn’t going to make it?”

Bill was slightly uneasy about asking that but he had to know.


“Honestly, there were a couple of times when I was sure she wouldn’t make it.

It was part of the reason it took me so long to name her, I told myself not to get too close in case anything happened.  But when she gripped onto my finger in the incubator I just knew she wasn’t to give up without a fight.  The first time I held her in my arms I just fell in love with her and I decided there and then she could have all the health problems in the world and I would still love her.  She’s my daughter.”


Bill looked at Lee with a look of pride on his face.  “You know something you are going to be one hell of a father.”


Lee was about to reply when Abby let out a little wail and started to cry.  “Well looks like someone needs her Dad.  I’ll leave you guys alone but if you need anything let me know.”  Bill said as Lee picked up the baby and held her to him.


After Bill left Lee walked around his quarters with Abby in his arms.  “Hey Abby, this is your home.”


He showed her a picture of him and Dee and told her “This is your mom.  She never met you, but if she had she would have fallen totally in love with you.  Like I have.  I love you, Abby.”


During the night Lee was woken by the sound of Abby crying.  Lee walked over and lifted her.  “Hey, what’s wrong baby?”  As soon as he picked her up she stopped crying.  She was drifting off again and Lee put her back down in the cot and as soon as he did so she started crying again.  He spent the next twenty minutes picking her up and putting her back down and every time he put her down she started crying again.  “Oh, for frak’s sake.”


Finally Lee lifted her up and took her into bed with him.  He lay down and put Abby onto his chest, one hand on her back and the other on the back of her head.  Abby stopped crying instantly and snuggled into her father’s chest.

“Good night Abby.” Lee planted a kiss on his daughter’s head and drifted off to sleep with his daughter in his arms.




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