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The Final Gift Part 8

Chapter Eight


By the time Lee was back on duty he and Abby had pretty much settled into a routine.  He was getting the hang of feeds and changing diapers though Abby had a knack of filling them not long after she had been changed.  Lee had to bathe her in the tiny sink as he only had a shower in his quarters.


When Layne began looking after her, he constantly asked her questions.

“Should she be sleeping as much?”  “Am I feeding her enough?” Layne reassured him as best she could.  Abby was fine, she was putting on weight, filling out, feeding well and seemed to be progressing well.


“Lee she’s doing great now and so are you.”  She could understand how anxious he was about the baby, having been there from the moment she was delivered.  Her heart had gone out to him and now he was taking great care of her.  She had grown to really like and care about Lee.


The only problem he had with her was every time Lee put her down to sleep she would scream the place down until he picked her up and as soon as Lee had her in his arms she would stop crying.


He was now back as CAG and was working with Helo to get himself fit enough to fly a viper again.  He wasn’t out of shape just needed to improve his fitness a little and work on his father.


He had taken Abby for a check up one morning and at this point Cottle decided she was healthy enough to lift all the restrictions on her.  The Admiral was due back from a meeting on Colonial One shortly and he decided to go down to the landing bay and surprise him.


Starbuck and Racetrack were the first to see him when he came into the landing bay with Abby and both raced over and cooed over her.


“So how long before you take your daughter up in a raptor?” Starbuck joked.


“Give me a chance she’s only 3 months old.” Lee replied. 


The Admiral’s raptor landed a short time later and Lee was there to meet him with a grin on his face and Abby in his arms.  Bill stepped out the raptor and smiled back at Lee.


“Abby missed her Granddad and wanted to come and say hello,” Lee explained.


“Seriously, Cottle says she’s fine now and there’s no need to keep her cooped up any more.  Dad what’s wrong?”  He had noticed the look on Bill’s face.


“Not here, come with me.”  Lee followed his father out of the Landing bay and they walked almost in silence to Bill’s quarters.  Once there they sat on the couch and Lee settled Abby in his knee.


“So are you going to tell me what’s going on?” Lee asked his father.


“Laura’s dying.  It’s only a matter of weeks now according to Cottle.”  Bill told Lee with genuine sadness in his voice.


Lee couldn’t say anything, he was stunned.  It felt like a kick in the guts, he knew that she would eventually die from the cancer but it was too soon.


“She’s so matter of fact about it, it’s frightening.” Bill was silent for a few moments and then continued:-


“I’ve decided something.  It’s taken me this long to realise what she means to me and I can’t stop her dying but I want her to know how I feel about her.  I’m going to ask Laura to marry me before it’s too late.” 


“You’re going to do what?” Lee was caught off guard by his father’s last statement.


“You heard me.  I’m going to ask Laura to marry me.  I love her, Son.”


“Dad. Go for it.  If I’ve learned one thing lately it’s that we have to grab any chance of happiness when you can.  Go for it.”

Lee’s understanding touched Bill. 


“One thing though, what if she says no?” Bill said.


“But she won’t say no, she can’t resist your granddaughter.” Lee replied and it was true, every time she came over to Galactica Laura brought something for Abby.  Sometimes it was clothes or toys, on her last visit she had brought her a toy bunny that now lived in Abby’s cot.


“Do you want Abby to propose for you?  Lee joked.  “Seriously though, Dad if she says no, it’s her choice. “


“I’m thinking of asking her over for dinner tomorrow.  You and Abby can join us and then you make yourself scarce while I do it.”


“Okay, but you tell me what she says.”




Laura had no idea what Bill had in store when she joined him, Lee, and Abby for dinner the next night.


Once dinner was over Lee left with the baby to put her to bed.

Bill and Laura were left on their own, and after some small talk Bill got down to business and he stunned Laura when he told her he loved her and wanted to spend whatever time they could together.  Then he asked her to marry him.

With tears in her eyes, she accepted.


Bill and Laura went to Lee’s quarters to tell him the good news.  He had just got Abby off to sleep when the knock on the door came.  He knew what Laura’s answer was by the look on his Father’s face.


“Come on in but be quiet she’s just dropped off.”  Lee told them.  Engaged or not if they woke up Abby, there would be trouble.


“We’ve got something to tell you, Lee.”  Laura said to him.


“Your Father and I, well we’re um, getting married.”  Laura’s face broke into a huge grin and Bill was beaming beside her. 


Lee went over and hugged her and then kissed her cheek. 

“Congratulations.  I’m so pleased for you both.”  He shook his fathers hand.


“There’s something I want to ask you, son.  We are planning to do this as soon as we can.  I would be honored if you would be my best man.”


“Are you sure?  Don’t you want to ask Tigh?”  Lee asked


“No, when I marry the woman I love I want my son by my side.”


“I would be honored, Dad.”  Lee replied.

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