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The final Gift Part 9

Chapter Nine


A week later Bill and Laura were married on Colonial One.  They had decided on a private ceremony that only Lee, Abby, Tory, and Tom Zarek attended.  There was a huge reception on Galactica later and most of the crew turned up as well as all the Quorum and most of Laura’s administration.


Lee left the reception early to put Abby to bed.  Everyone had commented on how beautiful she had looked – Laura had managed to find her a little white dress with a green ribbon that matched her wedding dress.  When Zarek approached Lee and cooed over her she started bawling.  “It’s okay Abby, that’s how most people feel when he starts talking to them”, Lee consoled her trying to keep the smile off his face.


She was growing tired and as Bill kissed her goodbye she let out a huge yawn.  “Goodnight sweetie.”  Bill passed her back to Lee and by the time he got back to his quarters, the baby was asleep against his shoulder.


Lee held her in his arms for a few minutes before putting her down in her cot.  She was sound asleep by now and as he tucked her into bed, Lee thought about his dad and Laura.  He knew she had little time left and a surge of sadness came over him.   He wanted them to be happy in whatever time they had left, however short that was going to be and Lee vowed that he would do everything he could to help them.


He was shaken from his thoughts by a knock on his door.


He was surprised to see Gaeta there.


 “I’m sorry Sir, if this is a bad time.”


“No it’s fine.  Come on in,”. Lee closed the door.  “What can I do for you?”


“I came to give you something for the baby.  I hope she’ll like it.” Gaeta handed him a teddy bear.


“Thank you Mr. Gaeta.”  Lee was genuinely touched by the unexpected gift.


“My pleasure, Sir, How is she doing?” Gaeta stepped over the cot and smiled at Abby lost in peaceful dreams.


“She’s doing very well now.  You know I never got the chance to say thank you for the eulogy at Dee’s funeral.  It meant a lot to me.”


“ It was the least I could do.”


Abby began to wriggle and fuss and Gaeta quickly stepped away from her, hoping it was not his voice that had disturbed her.  “I’ll leave you to it, Sir.  Bye  bye, Abby.”


“Thank you for the bear, I’m sure she’ll love it.”  Lee replied before turning his attention to Abby who was now crying loudly.


It took a few more minutes to settle Abby down again and finally she went back to sleep.  Lee gently kissed the top of her head before putting her back down in her cot.  “Goodnight Abby.” He stood at her cot watching her for a few moments.


 His thoughts went to his own wedding day nearly three years ago.  He remembered Dee laughing as he lifted up in her corridor and carried her into   their quarters.  He had kissed her deeply and told her “I love you, Mrs. Adama.”  And she had replied,  “I love you too, Mr. Adama.”  When Lee had told her he loved her, he had meant it.



A few days later Lee took Abby into sickbay for a check-up.  Cottle was delighted with her, she was making excellent progress and he told Lee “Whatever it is you’re doing keep doing it.” 

Lee bumped into Layne while they were there.  “I told you you’d both be fine, didn’t I?”  She joked as she held Abby.


“You did.  I should learn to listen”  He paused, shifted a little uncomfortably before adding,  “Layne, I want to say thank you for everything you’ve done for me and Abby.”


“I’m only doing my job, Sir.”  She replied modestly.


“No.  You did more than your job.  I want to thank you properly, how about dinner?”


“I’m on duty tonight, sir, but I’m free tomorrow.”  Layne smiled and handed Abby back to him.


Ever since their arms had brushed by accident Lee had felt a connection with her.  At first he had thought it was gratitude but now he realised it was something else. 


“Tomorrow then,” he nodded, smiling.  “Joe’s?  8 o’ clock?”


“I’ll be there,” she told him, returning the smile.

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