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The Final Gift Part 13

Chapter Thirteen


The next few months sped by and before Bill knew it he was moving planet side along with the rest of the Galactica crew.


Vice President Zarek and the Quorum of Twelve handled the negotiations to allow the twelve tribes of Kobol to settle on Earth.  They had insisted on everyone moving to Earth and Galactica was being decommissioned.


Laura had been checked over by Earth doctors and they treated her with a combination of drugs that seemed to work and she was now recovering. 


Bill was in his quarters packing up when Lee came in with Abby.  She was now 6 months old and was a happy, lively baby and completely healthy.  She smiled as she saw her granddad.


“Hi munchkin” he said to Abby as Lee handed her over to him.  He hugged her close to him; he had a feeling that he wouldn’t be seeing a lot of Lee and Abby from now on.


Lee looked around at the room and laughed.


“Oh my Gods, I wondered what this place would look like half empty.”  Lee remarked.  “You are not seriously taking all of this junk with you are you?”


“Hey, this is not junk!”  Bill shot back.


“You packed up yet?”




Lee had a strange expression on his face and Bill saw it.  “Something on your mind, son?”


“Not really, it just feels weird that’s all.  I’ve been on Galactica for so long that to me it’s my home.  I never thought I’d hear myself say this but I’m going to miss this old bucket.”


“I know what you’re saying and I understand.  But you have a chance to build a better future now, for you and Abby.  Lee nodded and was silent for a few moments.


It was Bill who broke the silence. Sitting with Abby on his knee he asked, “So what are you going to do on Earth?”


Most of the crew were given assignments as part of the settlement deal and Bill knew that Lee had been given a choice between the Military, Law or Politics.


“Actually, I’m staying in the military, I’m going to be a flight instructor.”  Lee told his father.


“That’s good.”


“They offered me a post at a base not far from Los Angeles.  They want me to start as soon as possible.”


“Oh,” Bill replied.  “I’m happy for you son.  What about Abby?”


Lee walked over to his father and sat beside him and Abby.  He grinned at the baby and she reached out to him.  Lee took her chubby little hand in his and looked Bill in the eye.


“Actually, I wanted to talk to you about that. I’ll be working long hours and I’ll need someone I can trust to look after her.  There is only one person I would be willing to trust with her and that’s you.  Would you look after Abby for me?”


Bill didn’t hesitate; reaching out he hugged Lee to him and said, “Of course I will.  And I’m sure I can speak for Laura on this too.”


“Thank you Dad.  They’ve given me a house near the base and we can move in whenever we like.  You, me, Abby and Laura.”


Lee reached out and took Abby from Bill “Well munchkin, we’d better go pack.  See you later, Dad.”




Lee was in his quarters packing while Abby played with some of her toys on the bed when Bill stopped by to see them. 


“I’m on my way to see Laura and I thought I’d stop by to see how you guys were getting on.”


He noticed Lee lifting a silver box out of the bottom of the closet and Lee hesitated for a moment.


 Bill saw him and was at his side in seconds.  “What is it, Lee?”


“This is Dee’s.  I gave it to her as a wedding present.  She used to keep her jewellery in it, I was keeping it for Abby for when she was older, so she could have something of Dee’s.”  After her death Cottle had given him back her wedding ring that like him she still wore and her dog tags.  Lee had put them in the box along with the rest of Dee’s jewellery and some photos.


“You still miss her, don’t you?”


Lee nodded; it seemed strange that after the way things ended he was still struggling with her death.  Bill pulled him into his arms.


“I thought I was doing okay then I saw this and it all came back to me.”  He really did think he was past this.


“Hey Lee, listen to me.  You are doing great.  After what you went through, I would be worried if you didn’t have a little wobble every now and again.  I’m here for you Lee if you need anything.”


“Look I’m okay now, weren’t you going to see Laura?”


“Yes I was, I better go.”


“Dad, stuff the packing why don’t Abby and I come with you?  I want to see her face when you tell her that you’re both coming to live with me on Earth.”


“She’ll be thrilled.  Come on lets go.”




Laura was happy when they told her the news and then she asked Lee, “Why do you want us to live with you?”


Lee replied, “Because you are my family now, you, Abby and Dad.  Remember you promised us a bright shiny future on Earth? Well now we have it and I want you to be part of mine.”

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