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Matt Devlin fic

Characters:- Matt Devlin/Ronnie Brooks

Setting:-  During 1.05 Buried

Rating:- PG

description:-  Matt finds himself returning to his Catholic Routes during an investigation.

disclaimer:- The characters belong to Dick Wolf/ITV, I'm just borrowing them.

Old Habits die hard


It was more out of habit that Matt found himself here.  It has been a long time since he had been in this particular church, the memory of that day would live with Matt forever.


Matt had attended mass since then for family weddings and most recently for his Nephew’s christening.  Glad that the church was relatively empty except for the few people waiting for Fr Walsh to hear their confession, he walked over to the side altar to the statue of Mary holding the child Jesus.


After placing a few coins in the slot, he lit a candle and placed it on the stand and then knelt, made a quick sign of the cross. 


As Matt knelt before the statue, he thought about Tommy’s mother.  How she could still believe in God was a mystery to him, after what this poor woman had gone through.  Tommy had been missing for 25 years and her husband had been killed the year before their Son had vanished.  Wasn’t God supposed to be merciful?


He prayed in silence “Dear God.  I know we haven’t spoken for a while and you know why.  I wanted to ask that you now look after Tommy and bring peace to his Mother.   Help us get justice for them.”




Matt had been gathering witness statements on Tommy’s case and met up with Ronnie on the walkway beside the Thames.


“Is that for me?” Matt asked as Ronnie came towards him with a coffee.  He took it from the older man and took a huge gulp.


“I don’t get it Ronnie.  How can she still believe in God, after everything.”


“Well I guess you won’t be lighting a candle for Tommy then?”  Ronnie asked


Matt didn’t reply


“You already have, haven’t you?”


“Well, once a Catholic.” Matt said.










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