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Starfury con report

  Where to start? This was the best weekend ever.   It all started on the Friday afternoon. We fly into Heathrow and catch up with Peter and Rae and head off to the Thistle. While on the bus it goes past the Kings Arms and I come over all nostalgic for that night last year when the Bunnies broke all known speed and sound records.   Anyway we get to the hotel and get checked in and I tell Peter – “Don’t let me make an idiot of myself.” He just laughs at me. We go and get registered and then once that’s done; we all head over to McDonald’s for some food and a Bunny catch up.    Then it’s back to the hotel for the opening ceremony, Sean comes out and introduces Leah Cairns, Morena Baccarin, Sean Maher, Jonathan Woodward (more on him later), Kate Vernon, Luciana Carro, Alessandra Torresini, James Callis and the man himself Jamie, who has hot-footed it from the Law and Order UK Set.  At the end of the ceremony they play All along the watchtower and Jamie goes for a bit of air guitar which has me in raptures.   To finish the night off we go to the opening night party and have a few lemonades before it was off to bed.   Saturday starts with the breakfast and then it’s down to the hall for the screening of The Plan and then the panels. James and Jamie are on last and together they are like a pair of schoolboys. Highlights included:-  
  • Jamie being asked about appearing in Dollhouse, initially he had thought about saying no to this as it co-insided with the girls finishing school and he was planning on them going to LA on holiday as a family for a month. Thankfully, Kerry talked some sense into him and he spoke to Joss. He was blown away with the fact that his character was a billionaire arms dealer and he had limos, body guards and private jets. Contrast that with L&OUK where they can barely afford the twelve jurors.
  • James being asked about the fight scene in Brigit Jones between Hugh Grant and Colin Firth where they are out in the street fighting like girls.
  • Inevitably they were asked about the ending and both felt the endings were perfect for their characters.
  • Jamie was asked about what direction he and Katee were given for Lee and Kara’s final scene and he said they weren’t given a lot. Michael Rhymer caught his eye a few times during the shoot, and according to Jamie a lot of good directors will catch an actor’s eye whereas some bad ones will talk a lot.
  • Jamie was also asked about shooting with the pigeon – it was the fattest pigeon he’d ever seen and he was expecting a more delicate bird. He knew normally he could have killed it in a heartbeat but he had to act like he was drunk and he amped this up so he kept missing the bird.

Then it was time for autographs. While we were waiting for Sean’s autograph we notice that naughty Jonathan has doctored the towel photo. He has cut out Jamie’s head and stuck his head on Jamie’s body. It’s pretty funny.


We get Allesandra’s, Sean and Morena’s autographs and then James. Then it’s time for Jamie’s and here is where I go full on fan girl. Alexandra and Lynn go first and have a few words with him while he’s signing their stuff, Lynn had brought her Hornblower DVD  and she said that she would love him to do more period drama. He replied that he would love to do a Western!

Now it’s my turn and I can feel the goose bumps as I’m typing this.


I ask him how he’s doing and how L&OUK is going. He tells me it’s going well and there are some good episodes coming. I hand him over a gift, a bottle of whisky and he tells me thanks very much and then kisses me on the cheek! 

I literally float out of the autograph room and have a squee to myself.


At the end of the autograph session, Michelle gives him his gift from the Bunnies, the lighter with his name engraved on it. Michelle and Rae are stewarding and are allowed to take one person each into the room, Peter and Falcy go and then Michelle comes back out and says the rest of us can come in and watch from a distance, fair enough we don’t want to crowd him. He is genuinely touched and kisses the ladies and Pete gets a fist pump. Later as he’s leaving the autograph room we are hanging around waiting for Michelle and Rae to finish he walks passed us and says “thanks guys.”


We decide on Pizza for dinner tonight as I personally can’t face yet another McDonalds. We’re sitting eating it when Jonathan Woodward comes over trying to drum up business for his confessional. He steals a bit of our pizza and then yells “yuck” as he realises it’s a spicy bit he’s taken. Serves you right for stealing our pizza.   We then head to the party for some more drinking and a bit of dancing.   Sunday and we have the photos and more panels.  We’re getting our photos with James first, then Jamie and lastly the Bunny group shot, me and Alexandra are wearing our Bunny shirts and when we get our photos with James he says to Alexandra, “oh a bunny” and then I go and he goes “another bunny”.    Then I get my photo with Jamie and he is lovely, he asks me how I am this morning and I reply I’m fine. Then he sticks his arm around me.   The bunny shot is last and it’s hysterical. We are wondering how to arrange the shot, thinking Jamie is going to stand at the back, for some reason he decides he’s going to lie on the floor and some of us are going to put our feet on him. The funniest bit is when we’re all getting organised and he lies down and goes “feet up” to Falcy, Emjay and Ruth So Kerry, if you ever see this photo, it was Jamie’s idea not ours.   Jamie’s panel with Luciana is later on in the afternoon and highlights from that included:-  
  • He was asked about places he had been recognised and he told us that he and Kerry were on the underground recently and he heard 2 guys talking about the show. He sat with his hand over his face for about twenty minutes, thinking Kerry was about to point him out to them. When they got off the train and changed over at Hammersmith, he asked Kerry if she had heard any of their conversation and she hadn’t as she was busy reading the Metro, which is a free newspaper on public transport here in the UK. She asked him why he didn’t say anything to her, he didn’t in case the 2 guys heard his voice.
  • Asked who would win in a fight between their characters they both said Cat
  • Jamie got the legs cut off his flight suit because it was too warm filming in it.
  • Filming in the flight suits was uncomfortable because they were so warm and then they would have the helmets and lights on them and the helmets would fog up.
  • The only people who would be able to hear them would be the director and the sound guys through the ear pieces and they would take these off in between takes and the actors would be abandoned.
  • Out of all the jobs Lee had, Jamie’s favourite was the fighter pilot.
  • They were asked about perks and sometimes they get invites to events, premiers etc and occasionally free clothes, which Jamie says is great because he hates shopping, typical bloke.
  • He also sometimes gets Kerry to phone up restaurants pretending to be his assistant and book tables but sometimes it’s hard to tell because they may or may not have a table available. Sometimes he does it himself pretending to be his assistant.
  • On Sci-fi fans he said that everyone not at this convention is curious about exactly what we were doing and then came the line of the weekend when he told us that he would not be seen dead in this hotel except for us fans. We all fell about laughing at this point. I should point out that the comment was made in fun and was in no way meant to cause any offence.
  • Someone asked about some of Lee’s storylines coming out of the blue and in particular the Black Market episode. Jamie said that he felt that he had let the writers down with his performance in that particular episode. At this point I want to jump on stage and tell him it wasn’t his fault, his performance in no way sucked in that episode, he can only do so much when given such a weak script to work with in my opinion.


  • He was asked about Kerry appearing on the show and at first she felt a bit awkward.
  • She was also treated better as a guest actor than he was – she was flown up to Vancouver and put up in a hotel, their shooting schedules overlapped for two days so he got to sleep in the hotel, instead of crashing on James Callis’s couch.
  • Someone asked about him being multi-lingual and if that helped him get roles, he did a tape in French for a role as an Englishman who spoke fluent French but didn’t get the role. He also mentioned that he knows now if he didn’t get parts at auditions because he will always be told that they are big fans. 
  Later on we have the closing ceremony and Jonathan Woodward jumps up every time another guest is given the microphone. Jamie comes out to do his closing speech and shows us all a couple of dance moves, well runs about spinning his arms, but is adorable, he’s got his back to us for most of his speech so we get a nice view of his bum. He thanks the fans and says it’s been great catching up with everyone and he loved meeting all the other actors, especially Jonathan and now he would quiet like to put him and Aaron Douglas in a room and let one of them out.   And that was the end of the convention, it was lovely seeing all the Bunnies again and meeting Falcy for the first time and also a couple of the shippers.       




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