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Title: A Christmas Kiss
Author: [info]spongetrisha
Author's e-mail/website: trishameechan@aol.com
Fandom: Law & Order UK
Summary:  Written for the Law and Order UK Holiday Fic Exchange. Party time for Team Law
For [info]diamond rocker
Type / Pairings: Slight Matt/Alesha
Main characters: Matt Devlin, Ronnie Brooks, Natalie Chandler, Alesha Phillips
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Nothing to graphic
Spoilers: Nothing specific
Beta: N/A
Disclaimer: Don’t own any of the recognizable character, just taking them out to play!

A Christmas Kiss

The MIU Christmas Party in the Kings Arms was in full swing when Alesha arrived.  She arrived just in time to see Ronnie giving out presents; he was dressed in a full Santa outfit complete with beard.


“Alesha didn’t see you come in.  Lets get you a drink.” Natalie called to her.  Come and sit over her with the boys and me.  Shame you just missed Santa.”


Ronnie was unwrapping his present still wearing his Santa suit and he burst out laughing when he saw his gift.  He held up the pants that said stud on them and said “Alright, whose been bragging then?”  Come on then Mattie, get yours open.”


Matt opened his and went “Oh thanks Santa.  Just what I wanted.”  His Santa had bought him slippers and a dressing gown.


“Right I’m going to get changed, get me another Orange juice Mattie.”




The drink was flowing and pretty soon there were some inebriated Police officers.  The Karaoke was going great guns; Angie had dragged Matt up to sing Fairytale of New York with her. 


“I never knew Matt could sing.” Natalie remarked as she listened to her young detective do more than a passing job.


“I think he’s got his first groupie.” Ronnie said as Matt was trying to hold up a very drunk Angie.


“Well done sunshine.  Who would’ve thought it, Matt Devlin the singing detective.”? 


“Shut up and get me another beer.” Ronnie did as he was bid and Natalie excused herself so Alesha and Matt were left sitting on their own.


“You look lovely.” He said to her.


“Thank you.  You don’t scrub up too bad yourself.”




“Nice singing by the way.”


Matt laughed.  “Well what could I do?  She had organised the whole thing and I couldn’t really say no could I?”



“That’s what I like about you Matt.  Always willing to help out a damsel in distress.” She smiled at him.


“You know me.  A sucker for a pretty face.”  Just a moment their eyes caught.


“No James tonight Alesha?” Ronnie asked as he came back from the bar with their drinks.


“No.  He’s off up to Edinburgh to see his Son.  He got a train this afternoon”


“I wouldn’t have thought this would be his scene anyway.”


“Ronnie!” Natalie warned.


“Anyway, Alesha what are your plans for Christmas Day?”  Natalie changed the subject quickly all the while glaring at Ronnie.


“Dinner at Mum’s as usual this year.  I have to go and do the duty visit and be interrogated about when am I going to find a nice boy and be like my sisters and settle down and have a family.” She smiled


“What about you guys anyone doing anything exciting?”


“I drew the short straw, I’m working.”


“Oh Matt, that’s a shame.”


“Don’t be sorry.  I actually think I’m lucky.  My sister is having Christmas dinner.  She made it last year and it was a disaster.  She hadn’t defrosted the turkey and the vegetables were raw.  We ended up getting a Chinese.”  He spluttered with laughter.


“I’ll drop in once I finish my shift though.  You know, see the family.”


“I’m sure they’ll be pleased to see you.  Do you get interrogated the way I do?”


“Oh God yeah.  My sisters consider it to be their duty to find out every last detail of my love life or lack of.  Maybe I should take along Ang, that would shut them up.” 


“Ang would love that.  Remember that night your brother picked you up?  She crowed for weeks about meeting him.  You would have been forgiven for thinking she’d met the Queen.” Ronnie laughed at his younger partner.


“It was only Mark.  Anyway where are you having your turkey this year?”  Matt asked.


“I’ll be right beside you sunshine.  You’re not the only one doing the old Christmas day shift.”


“I’m glad I’m not working tomorrow, by the state of this lot I think there is going to be a few sore heads in the morning.” Natalie said looking round her as some of the detectives were dancing on tables.


“Time I was going.” Alesha said.


“Are you sure? You don’t have to go you know, just because this lot are getting a bit out of hand.”


“I’m sure.  Look I’ll get a taxi outside, I’ll be fine.”


“I’ll see you outside, make sure you get in a cab okay.”


“Thanks Matt.”




“I meant it you know, you really do look lovely.”  He told her as they waited in the pub car park.  Too good for the likes of me, he thought.


Alesha smiled.  “You don’t have to wait here with me, I’ll be okay.  Look it’s cold out here, go back in and enjoy the rest of the party.” 


“No it’s okay.  I could use a bit of fresh air.”


“So did you like your present from Santa?”


“It was great.  Just what I’ve almost wanted, a dressing gown that’s at least two sizes too big for me and a pair of slippers.  Oh what fun I’m going to have with them.  I’ll probably trip myself up wearing them” Matt laughed.


Alesha burst out laughing at the image of Matt tripping over wearing slippers that were too big for him.


She leant over and kissed him on the cheek.  Then she kissed him full on the lips.  For a second he was caught off guard and then he returned her kiss willingly, wrapping his arms around her.


Her taxi arrived a moment later.  Reluctantly, she moved away from Matt.


“Matt.  Give me a call if you’re free over Christmas.  Maybe we can meet up, go for a coffee?” she smiled.


“I’ll do that.” He smiled back.


“Merry Christmas Matt.”


“Merry Christmas Alesha.”


































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