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LOUK Fanfic - What are mates for

Type / Pairings: Matt/Ronnie
Main characters: Matt Devlin, Ronnie Brooks
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Nothing to graphic
Spoilers: Nothing specific
Beta: Persiflage 1
Disclaimer: Don’t own any of the recognizable character, just taking them out to play!

“Know what I’m looking forward to when I get off tonight, Mattie?  Having a nice hot bath, then putting my feet up and watching the telly while eating my dinner.”  Ronnie said round a mouthful of cheese and ham baguette.  “And what about you?  Any plans for tonight, dinner a deux perhaps?” 

Matt barely looked up from the mountain of paperwork on his desk.  He was going through witness statements for the case they were working on.


“Nope.  I’m looking forward to having some time to myself.”


“Oh do I detect trouble in paradise?”  Ronnie sat back in his chair and helped himself to a jelly baby.


“No, nosy, you don’t.  For your information, Lisa is on nights this week.”


“Don’t get stroppy with me.  It’s my job to be nosy.  Ronnie’s desk phone began ringing   “Hello DS Brooks.” He answered.


“What?  Okay Mrs Daly calm down!  I’m on my way.”


“Something wrong?”  Matt looked up, hearing the worried tone in his partners voice.


“You could say that sunshine.  That was my upstairs neighbour, my building is on fire.”


A short time later, Matt and Ronnie arrived at his place.  Matt had drove as fast as he could but the building was well alight when they arrived.


“Just spoke to one of the Fire Fighters, seems the fire started in one of the middle flats but not sure what started it yet.  Looks like we’ll be here for a while.”


Some time later one of the fire fighters came and spoke to Ronnie and the rest of the residents.  “Okay the fire’s out but until the building is made we can’t let you back in I’m afraid.”


“Ronnie you can stay at mine tonight.”  Matt offered.




“Cheers Mattie, I really appreciate this.”


“It’s okay, you’d do the same thing for me.  The place is a bit of a tip though, I haven’t had time to clean up,”  Matt replied as he opened the door to his flat.

"Did they give you any idea how long it'd be before you get back in?" Matt asked

“No idea mate.  They’re going to call me once the investigator’s been in.  Poor Mrs Daly above me though, they seem to think her flat’s a goner.”


“Blimey, Anyway make yourself comfy.”  Matt’s voice drifted in from the kitchen.


Ronnie looked around Matt’s living room, which seemed bigger since the last time he was here.   The room had a big comfy black leather sofa and two matching armchairs.  There were some photographs of Matt’s family on one of the shelves.


“Cheers mate.  Tell you what I’ll have this and then nip out for dinner, just point me in the direction of the nearest chippie.” he said as Matt came in with mugs of tea for them both. 


“Mattie do me a favour.  Tell me if I’m in the way while I’m here.”  Ronnie said after they had eaten their takeaway. 


“I’m not with you Ron.”


“You know, with you and Lisa.  If you want the place to yourselves, tell me and I’ll make myself scarce.”


Matt laughed “Okay.”


“I like Lisa.  She’s really nice.”  Lisa had been the Family Liaison officer on a case they were working on and Ronnie would have to have been blind to miss the spark between them.


“I’m glad you approve.” Matt smiled


“You introduced her to the rest of the Devlin clan yet?”


“Don’t you start!  I’ve got Kate and Siobhan on my case asking when are they going to meet her.  They can’t stand that Mikey’s met her and they’ve not.  Remember the other weekend when I was looking after Kieran?  The little sod only told his mum and dad that he was havin a brilliant time with Uncle Matt and his friend Lisa.  So the next thing I get a text from Mikey to tell me they’re coming to pick up Kieran, but they seemed to like her.  I didn’t get the lecture about introducing my nephew to my female friends who never seem to stick around for long.”


One of the photos caught Ronnie’s gaze “Is that you all when you were younger?” Four young kids smiling into the camera while their mother held a baby in her arms all sitting on a bench at the seaside.  He had ones very similar of his girls when they were kids.  Hopefully not all of them burned beyond repair.


Matt nodded “That was when we were on holiday in Eastbourne.” 


There was another more recent one of the five of them taken at a family wedding and two kids photos.  One was Kieran and the other was of his niece Jessica.


“She’s getting big.” 


“Yeah she is.  I was talking to her on SKYPE the other night and she asked me if I got the photo she sent me.  She’s only three but she’s going to be trouble when she’s older, Kate told me she’s got half of the boys in her class fighting over her already.”


Ronnie laughed.  “Sounds like she’s inherited the Devlin charm.”


“You are not kidding.”  Matt laughed.


“Will you be alright in the spare room?”


“I’ll be fine sunshine.  I really appreciate you doing this for me you know.”


“I was hardly going to see you out on the street now was I?  And just so you know, the bed didn’t come from IKEA!” He laughed shooting a cheeky grin at Ronnie.
































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