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Lee Adama Daily ficathon

Title: Daddy/Daughter Time
Author: spongetrisha
Rating: PG
Characters: Lee Adama, Kara Thrace
Pairings: None Really, Hint of Lee/Dee
Summary: Daddy Lee meets a stranger in the park one day.
Prompt(s): Lee meets a stranger in the park one sunny afternoon.
Warnings: None
Word Count: 944
Beta: wicked_sassy

Chapter One

It was a warm summers day in Los Angeles and Lee Adama decided to take his daughter to the park. Anastasia was away on a training exercise and was due back later on that night which meant Lee got to spend some quality time on his own with their daughter.

"Careful, Emily" Lee said to his two-year-old daughter as she attempted to feed the ducks. He was always fearful that she would step too close to the pond and fall in. Emily took a handful of the breadcrumbs and threw most of them over herself as he watched.

"Here, why don't I do it." Lee kept a tight grip on her as he threw the crumbs for the ducks and Emily laughed.

"Come on Munchkin, let's have a seat and we can have our sandwiches," Lee said and Emily climbed onto his knee. Emily was chattering away to him when a woman with blonde hair walked up to him and asked "Excuse me; have you seen a little boy with dark hair running past here? He'd have a dog with him. The pair of them have given me the slip."

"No, sorry I haven't." Lee replied. When he looked at the woman he had the oddest feeling that he knew her from somewhere. It was her voice that he thought he recognised.

"Okay thanks."

"I hope you find them." Lee called after her as she began walking off towards another group of families.

After they finished their sandwiches Lee took Emily to play on the swings. She was having a great time judging by her laughs and cries of "faster Daddy, faster."

A while later Lee was helping her to climb onto the slide when he felt something at his leg. A little voice called out "Hey Rocky, come here."

He turned to see the Blonde woman from earlier and she'd caught up with the kid and the dog, a black and white collie which was now sniffing at his sneakers.

"I'm sorry he's bothering you." she said.

"No it's okay - I see you've caught them both."

"Oh yeah, pair of mischief makers. They're totally inseparable." she replied

"Daddy?" Emily was clutching at his t-shirt.

"Hey it's okay baby, on you go. I'll catch you at the other side." Emily slid down and as promised Lee grabbed her and swirled her around.

"Me flying." Lee laughed at her.

"Auntie Katie can I have a shot on the slide?" The little boy asked the woman and she nodded.

"Hey, Auntie Katie, watch me." Daniel called as he slid down head first.

"Be careful Daniel." She replied.

"How long have you had the dog?" Lee asked as they watched the kids on the slide and Rocky sat on the grass at Katie's feet.

"About two years, he belonged to a friend. He moved and couldn't take Rocky with him so he came to live with me."

"Can't take your eyes off them for a second, can you." Lee said to her as he watched Emily climb up the steps and slide down.

"It's really warm today isn't it?"

"Yeah, I think I'll get this little one into the shade for a while." He said to Katie.

"Wanna go get an ice-cream?" Lee asked his daughter already anticipating her reply.

"Yes" came the enthusiastic reply.

"Auntie Katie, can I have an ice-cream too?"

"Okay, listen this may sound weird but would you mind if we tagged along with you?"

"Not at all. My name's Lee and this is Emily. " Lee smiled at the blonde woman.

"I'm Katie and this pair is Daniel and Rocky."

Chapter Two

Lee sat with Emily as she ate her strawberry ice-cream, Lee himself was eating a mint choc chip one.

"She's lovely." Katie said to Lee.

"Thank you. I'm biased but I think so too." Lee smiled at his daughter.

"Daniel's my nephew. I just watch him sometimes for my brother. He works really long hours and my sister- in- law is away at the moment, so I'm helping out. He's a handful at the best of times." Daniel was sitting on the grass beside the dog who was lying peacefully in the shade.

Emily managed to get some ice-cream on her nose and looked up at Lee.

"Look at you missy. She gets herself so messy sometimes." He went into her bag to get a wipe for her nose. She held her hand out for Lee to wipe that as well.

"Emily you want to come and say Hi to the doggy?" Katie asked her.

At first Emily wasn't too sure of him as Katie called Rocky over.

"Honestly he won't bite." Lee put his hand out to the dog and Rocky sniffed him. He then held Emily's hand out and Rocky sniffed again and wagged his tail politely.

Emily laughed and patted the dog.

"Looks like you've got a new friend." Katie said.

Emily was getting sleepy and climbed onto Lee's lap, cuddling into him. "Guess it's nap time now, huh." Lee said to her as he hugged his daughter close and dropped a kiss on to her forehead.

"Listen, we'll leave you to it. It was nice meeting you, Lee. And you Emily." She said as she got up to leave and Daniel and Rocky followed her.

"And you Katie and you Daniel and Rocky."
Tags: lee adama
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