The Final Gift Part 13

Chapter Thirteen


The next few months sped by and before Bill knew it he was moving planet side along with the rest of the Galactica crew.


Vice President Zarek and the Quorum of Twelve handled the negotiations to allow the twelve tribes of Kobol to settle on Earth.  They had insisted on everyone moving to Earth and Galactica was being decommissioned.


Laura had been checked over by Earth doctors and they treated her with a combination of drugs that seemed to work and she was now recovering. 


Bill was in his quarters packing up when Lee came in with Abby.  She was now 6 months old and was a happy, lively baby and completely healthy.  She smiled as she saw her granddad.


“Hi munchkin” he said to Abby as Lee handed her over to him.  He hugged her close to him; he had a feeling that he wouldn’t be seeing a lot of Lee and Abby from now on.


Lee looked around at the room and laughed.


“Oh my Gods, I wondered what this place would look like half empty.”  Lee remarked.  “You are not seriously taking all of this junk with you are you?”


“Hey, this is not junk!”  Bill shot back.


“You packed up yet?”




Lee had a strange expression on his face and Bill saw it.  “Something on your mind, son?”


“Not really, it just feels weird that’s all.  I’ve been on Galactica for so long that to me it’s my home.  I never thought I’d hear myself say this but I’m going to miss this old bucket.”


“I know what you’re saying and I understand.  But you have a chance to build a better future now, for you and Abby.  Lee nodded and was silent for a few moments.


It was Bill who broke the silence. Sitting with Abby on his knee he asked, “So what are you going to do on Earth?”


Most of the crew were given assignments as part of the settlement deal and Bill knew that Lee had been given a choice between the Military, Law or Politics.


“Actually, I’m staying in the military, I’m going to be a flight instructor.”  Lee told his father.


“That’s good.”


“They offered me a post at a base not far from Los Angeles.  They want me to start as soon as possible.”


“Oh,” Bill replied.  “I’m happy for you son.  What about Abby?”


Lee walked over to his father and sat beside him and Abby.  He grinned at the baby and she reached out to him.  Lee took her chubby little hand in his and looked Bill in the eye.


“Actually, I wanted to talk to you about that. I’ll be working long hours and I’ll need someone I can trust to look after her.  There is only one person I would be willing to trust with her and that’s you.  Would you look after Abby for me?”


Bill didn’t hesitate; reaching out he hugged Lee to him and said, “Of course I will.  And I’m sure I can speak for Laura on this too.”


“Thank you Dad.  They’ve given me a house near the base and we can move in whenever we like.  You, me, Abby and Laura.”


Lee reached out and took Abby from Bill “Well munchkin, we’d better go pack.  See you later, Dad.”




Lee was in his quarters packing while Abby played with some of her toys on the bed when Bill stopped by to see them. 


“I’m on my way to see Laura and I thought I’d stop by to see how you guys were getting on.”


He noticed Lee lifting a silver box out of the bottom of the closet and Lee hesitated for a moment.


 Bill saw him and was at his side in seconds.  “What is it, Lee?”


“This is Dee’s.  I gave it to her as a wedding present.  She used to keep her jewellery in it, I was keeping it for Abby for when she was older, so she could have something of Dee’s.”  After her death Cottle had given him back her wedding ring that like him she still wore and her dog tags.  Lee had put them in the box along with the rest of Dee’s jewellery and some photos.


“You still miss her, don’t you?”


Lee nodded; it seemed strange that after the way things ended he was still struggling with her death.  Bill pulled him into his arms.


“I thought I was doing okay then I saw this and it all came back to me.”  He really did think he was past this.


“Hey Lee, listen to me.  You are doing great.  After what you went through, I would be worried if you didn’t have a little wobble every now and again.  I’m here for you Lee if you need anything.”


“Look I’m okay now, weren’t you going to see Laura?”


“Yes I was, I better go.”


“Dad, stuff the packing why don’t Abby and I come with you?  I want to see her face when you tell her that you’re both coming to live with me on Earth.”


“She’ll be thrilled.  Come on lets go.”




Laura was happy when they told her the news and then she asked Lee, “Why do you want us to live with you?”


Lee replied, “Because you are my family now, you, Abby and Dad.  Remember you promised us a bright shiny future on Earth? Well now we have it and I want you to be part of mine.”

The Final Gift Part 12

Chapter Twelve



Lee was still flying.  He had CAP every two days and had temporarily taken over the training of the latest recruits while Starbuck was unfit for duty.


He was in the ready room with them, delivering his pre-flight briefing.

He had twenty recruits in the squadron.


“We are going to run through some combat manoeuvres today.  Remember stick with your wingman at all times.”


“Okay skids up in ten minutes. Dismissed.”


Ten minutes later, he was in his viper and being shot out of the launch tube  into open space.  He talked the squadron through most of the manoeuvres and he had to admit they were shaping up well. He was having fun with the nuggets, they were a good bunch.


“Okay guys we’re gonna fly broken formation now.  Form up on me and when I tell you to, and only when I tell you, break formation.”


In CIC, Bill was listening over the wireless and smiled when he heard Lee.


“He sounds like he’s enjoying himself.”  Tigh remarked.


Bill nodded.  It was nice to hear after what he had been through.


“How’s Abby doing?” Tigh asked.


“She’s fine. According to Cottle she is developing the way he would expect now.”  Bill replied.


“That’s good to hear, it’s about time we had some good news.”  Tigh remarked.


In his Viper ,Lee picked up a blip on his Dradis console.  It appeared for a few moments then disappeared.


“Galactica, Apollo.  I’m reading something on Dradis, can’t make it out from here.”


Gaeta checked Galactica’s Dradis.  “We’re not picking anything up sir, Dradis is empty.”


Bill didn’t hesitate.  “Apollo this is actual.  Abort training run and return to Galactica immediately.”


“Actual, come on. It’s probably nothing.”  Lee couldn’t believe they were being ordered back.


“Don’t argue with me, get your butt back here immediately.  It could a Cylon raider or the whole fleet.”  Bill could barely keep the annoyance out of his voice.


“Yes sir.”  Lee replied.  Bill couldn’t be sure but he thought he heard Lee mutter, “Frak you.”


“Apollo to training squadron we’re aborting and returning to Galactica.”


Back on Galactica, Lee was ordered to report to CIC.


He walked in and the look on his fathers face told him he was pissed.


“Major, my office.”  His tone indicated that he was not to be argued with. 


No sooner had they stepped into the Admiral’s cabin than Bill exploded.


“What the hell were you doing?  I gave you a specific order and I don’t expect any crap in return from a senior officer.  Any more of that and I will revoke your flight status.  Do you understand me?”


Lee couldn’t believe it.  “Yes, sir” was all he trusted himself to reply. What he really wanted to say was go frak yourself.  He got the impression that Bill was just looking for an excuse to get him back on the ship, permanently.


“So what did you pick up on Dradis?”


“I couldn’t make it out, it was only there for a few moments.”


“We picked up nothing here.”


Suddenly Gaeta‘s voice came over the comm.  “Dradis contact, dead ahead.”


Lee turned and looked at Bill.  Together they rushed back into CIC.  Checking the Dradis console, Lee said, “That’s what I picked up earlier.”


“What the hell is it?”  Bill asked.


“Looks like a planetary body.  I’m checking it now.” Gaeta replied.


“Planetary body, could it be Earth?”  Lee looked uncertainly at his father.


“Sir the references match!.  It’s Earth!”  Gaeta confirmed and around him CIC erupted, people were clapping and cheering and hugging.


“We’ve done it, we’ve found Earth.”  Bill exclaimed.  He walked over to Lee and hugged him.


“Contact Colonial One, Mr. Hoshi.  Laura should see this.”


“Yes sir.  Hoshi paused for a second then said …  Sir, I have a message from Colonial One,”  Hoshi’s voice faltered, “Tory says that the President has collapsed.  She’s in a bad way.”


Bill was reeling.  Why now, when they had reached Earth?  He couldn’t think, could barely breathe.  Lee saw the distress on his fathers face and swung into action.


“Mr Hoshi, tell Tory to get the President over here ASAP and have Cottle meet her in the Landing Bay. “


“Yes sir.”


“Dad come on, We need to get to sickbay.”


“You have the deck, Colonel.”


Their earlier disagreement forgotten, Lee and Bill sped out of CIC and made their way to sickbay.


When they got there Cottle gave them both the news they had been dreading.

Laura was seriously ill and wouldn’t hold out much longer.


Bill was devastated and broke down sobbing.  Lee held him in his arms, feeling completely shattered. 

The Final Gift Part 11

Chapter Eleven



Lee knew that he had messed things up with Layne.  The one thing Lee Adama never did was act without thinking and the one time he had and he had frakked it up good and proper.


He had to speak to Layne, clear the air between them.


Lee had found her in her dorm after her shift in sickbay.  For once she had the dorm to herself and was planning to catch up on some rack time. She had just got into her bunk when she heard a knock at the door and there stood Lee and he was the last person that she had expected to see.


“Hey, if this is a bad time I can come back later,” he said.


“No it’s fine; come on in” she replied before dogging the hatch.  She walked back over and sat on her bunk.  Lee stood leaning on the table.


“I um, I need to talk to you,” he began and suddenly he felt like an awkward teenager again.


“Layne, you have every right to be mad at me after what happened.  I just want you to know that the last thing I wanted to do was hurt you.  I would never do that.”


Layne looked at him locking her blue eyes with his.  Somehow she didn’t doubt what he was saying.  She knew he wouldn’t intentionally hurt her.


“Lee, I need to know something. Why did you kiss me?”


He was silent for a few moments trying to think of what to say.

“It just felt right,he replied, holding her gaze.


They were quiet for a few minutes then Layne asked, “So how’s Abby?”


Glad for the distraction, Lee replied, “She’s doing very well, thanks. You should come and see her sometime.”


“I’d like that,” Layne said, a small smile crossing her lips.


“I better go. I have to pick Abby up … in 20 minutes.” He checked his watch.


“So are we friends again?” he asked.


Without thinking she got off her bunk and went to him and hugged him.

“Of course we are!  


Reluctantly, he let her go and as he was about to leave she caught his arm.

Layne looked into his eyes and reaching up, she kissed his cheek.


“Layne are you going to the Colonial day dance?”


“I wish I could, but I’m on duty then,” she replied.


“That’s a shame. My dad and the President are insisting I go, something about setting an example,” he laughed. “Well if you could swap shifts would you like to come with me?”


“Are you asking me out on a date?” she teased.


“If you want it to be a date then it’s a date, he teased back.


“Alright if I can swap, then I’ll be there.”


“Okay, I’ll see you then,” he replied and walked out of Layne’s dorm smiling.




The Colonial Day dance was three days later and as she promised, Layne was there with Lee.


Layne got Lee to dance with her and as they started dancing Lee said to her “I should warn you, I’m a shocking dancer.” He laughed.


At first they were a bit unsure of each other but as the song went on Layne relaxed and was surprised by how secure she felt in his arms and the feeling of his body so close to hers was intoxicating, she was having to fight down the urge to kiss him right there in the middle of the dance floor.  She brought her body closer to his and she whispered in his ear, “I thought you couldn’t dance.


“It must be you. Normally I’ve got two left feet,he laughed, enjoying the feeling of her body pressed against his.


Lee looked into her eyes and laughed.  It had been so long since he had felt so light hearted and it was all due to Layne.  Layne returned his gaze and in that moment it felt like they were the only two people in the room.


Unknown to them both, Laura had been watching them and she exchanged a knowing glance with Bill.


Later on, Laura got Lee up to dance with her.


As she danced with her son-in-law, Laura asked him straight, “It was nice of Ishay to come with you tonight.  Does this mean you two are an item?”


“Gods, you don’t mess around do you?” he laughed. 


“Call it Presidential bluntness – answer the question,” she persisted. 


“Well, put it this way, I really like her and I care about her a lot and I hope she feels the same way about me.”


Laura smiled at him, “I’ll let you into a secret. I think she feels the same way.” She had caught the look in Layne’s eyes as she was dancing with Lee.


Lee left a short time later to put Abby to bed.  He had left her with her sitter tonight.


Layne had gone to chat with some of the other paramedics when Lee came to find her.


“I have to go,” he said taking her hands in his.


“I had a good time tonight. Thanks for asking me.” She replied as she dropped a kiss on his cheek.


“I had a good time, too.” He gave her a quick hug and then kissed her, not giving a frak who saw him. 



After the dance had finished, Layne decided to call in on Lee.  After what transpired between them tonight, they needed to talk.


“Hey,” he smiled at Layne. He had hoped that he would see her again tonight.


“Hey, I um, I wanted to say goodnight to Abby,” she said a little awkwardly.


“She’s asleep but I guess a quick cuddle won’t hurt” Lee responded. He guessed she was here for more than just that but he didn’t push it.


He led her over to the cot and Layne smiled as she saw the baby sound asleep.


She bent down and gently pressed a kiss to her forehead.  “Goodnight Abby,” she whispered, being careful not to wake up the baby.


Abby stirred slightly in her sleep and Lee reached down to softly rub her back. This seemed to settle her and she quickly fell back asleep again. Lee pushed back a curl from her forehead before lightly kissing her.


He turned his attention to Layne.  He had to choose his words and actions carefully, Ok Lee don’t frak this up again he told himself.


“I think you and I have to talk,”


“Well Sir, I don’t want to talk,” she replied.


Lee smiled at her. “Well if you don’t want to talk, then what?”


Smiling, Layne walked up to him, took his face in her hands and kissed him.


Breathless, he pulled back. “Wow, Layne! 


She stood with her arms around him and said, “Lee, I understand you and Abby are a family and she comes first, which is the way it should be.

But there is something between us that I can’t ignore.”


Lee responded by kissing her slowly and deeply. “You’re right there is something here Layne.  Let’s just take it slowly.


“Do you think we can do slowly?” Layne asked, as she kissed him again.


“I just don’t want to start something I can’t finish,” e responded, as he kissed her so intensely it took her breath away.


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The Final gift part 10

Chapter Ten


Lee was passed fit to fly vipers a few weeks later and reluctantly Bill let him fly.  They were facing a pilot shortage, Starbuck had busted her knee, again, and now Helo had broken his arm, Stinger was the most experienced pilot but they needed Apollo.  Lee had argued with Bill that he was of more use flying instead of doing paperwork and Bill could not disagree.  He made Lee promise to be careful.


Bill’s heart was in his mouth for Lee’s first CAP but once that passed off without incident he relaxed and he knew he could trust Lee’s judgement.

Bill knew he wouldn’t be able to deal with it if anything ever happened to Lee.

They had become close again and Bill never wanted that to change. 

He was about to lose Laura, he knew that.


Lee had come off his first CAP and reported to his father’s quarters.


“So how was CAP” Bill asked him


“Quiet for a change.  Too quiet actually - I don’t like it.  Nearly 40 days without any Cylon contact.”

  Lee walked over and sat down on the couch and smiled “But it felt good being out there again.”


“Okay, but you understand that this is only until Helo and Starbuck are fit again.”


“I get it, Dad.” It was hard for Lee to get angry with Bill over this.  He understood why the old man was acting the way he was.


“So how’s Laura?”


“She seems to be okay today, I spoke to her a while ago and she sounded tired.  She’s coming over in a while so I’ll have my 2 favorite girls for company tonight”


Bill was babysitting Abby tonight so Lee could have dinner with a friend, but he wasn’t saying who the friend was.


“You know Layne is a nice girl - you could do a lot worse.”


“Dad!” Lee was embarrassed.


“I’m just saying, son, she saved my life once. If you are having dinner with her tonight have a nice time, It’s time you were dating again.” 


“Well, thank you for that piece of fatherly advice. Next you’ll be telling me about the birds and bees.” 


“No, I think you figured that one out on your own a long time ago, son.”  Bill laughed and Lee smiled at him.


“I better go.  See you later.”  Lee walked out of his father’s quarters still grinning.  A few months ago they wouldn’t have been able to tease each other the way they just had.




A little while later Bill was telling Laura about his earlier conversation with Lee as he played with Abby and Laura asked, “Well, is he having dinner with Ishay, or not?”


“He never said but I bet he is, Good for him if he is, after what he’s been through, he deserves to have a bit of fun. “




Lee was indeed having fun with Layne.  Dinner had gone well, they had roast beef, potatoes and vegetables from the mess.  They were now back in Lee’s quarters and it seemed like the most natural thing in the world when Lee kissed her and she willing returned his kiss.


He pulled back suddenly.  “Layne I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that.”


Disappointed, Layne broke away from him.


Frustration boiled up in Lee.  He walked over to her and put his arms around her shoulders.


“Layne, I don’t want to hurt you.  I like you, a lot, but I’m just not ready to get into anything serious yet.  Abby has to be my priority and anyone I get involved with has to understand that she comes first.”


Layne couldn’t say anything, She did understand but she was confused.


“Why did you kiss me ,Lee, if you knew you weren’t ready, Do you think you can just play with my feelings then walk away?”


“No. Layne that’s not it at all.  I’m sorry, it shouldn’t have happened.” 


Near tears Layne replied, “You’re right Lee, it shouldn’t have happened.” And then she turned and walked out of his quarters.


Lee stood staring after her and then he picked up a glass and threw it at the nearest bulkhead.  “Frak.”


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The final Gift Part 9

Chapter Nine


A week later Bill and Laura were married on Colonial One.  They had decided on a private ceremony that only Lee, Abby, Tory, and Tom Zarek attended.  There was a huge reception on Galactica later and most of the crew turned up as well as all the Quorum and most of Laura’s administration.


Lee left the reception early to put Abby to bed.  Everyone had commented on how beautiful she had looked – Laura had managed to find her a little white dress with a green ribbon that matched her wedding dress.  When Zarek approached Lee and cooed over her she started bawling.  “It’s okay Abby, that’s how most people feel when he starts talking to them”, Lee consoled her trying to keep the smile off his face.


She was growing tired and as Bill kissed her goodbye she let out a huge yawn.  “Goodnight sweetie.”  Bill passed her back to Lee and by the time he got back to his quarters, the baby was asleep against his shoulder.


Lee held her in his arms for a few minutes before putting her down in her cot.  She was sound asleep by now and as he tucked her into bed, Lee thought about his dad and Laura.  He knew she had little time left and a surge of sadness came over him.   He wanted them to be happy in whatever time they had left, however short that was going to be and Lee vowed that he would do everything he could to help them.


He was shaken from his thoughts by a knock on his door.


He was surprised to see Gaeta there.


 “I’m sorry Sir, if this is a bad time.”


“No it’s fine.  Come on in,”. Lee closed the door.  “What can I do for you?”


“I came to give you something for the baby.  I hope she’ll like it.” Gaeta handed him a teddy bear.


“Thank you Mr. Gaeta.”  Lee was genuinely touched by the unexpected gift.


“My pleasure, Sir, How is she doing?” Gaeta stepped over the cot and smiled at Abby lost in peaceful dreams.


“She’s doing very well now.  You know I never got the chance to say thank you for the eulogy at Dee’s funeral.  It meant a lot to me.”


“ It was the least I could do.”


Abby began to wriggle and fuss and Gaeta quickly stepped away from her, hoping it was not his voice that had disturbed her.  “I’ll leave you to it, Sir.  Bye  bye, Abby.”


“Thank you for the bear, I’m sure she’ll love it.”  Lee replied before turning his attention to Abby who was now crying loudly.


It took a few more minutes to settle Abby down again and finally she went back to sleep.  Lee gently kissed the top of her head before putting her back down in her cot.  “Goodnight Abby.” He stood at her cot watching her for a few moments.


 His thoughts went to his own wedding day nearly three years ago.  He remembered Dee laughing as he lifted up in her corridor and carried her into   their quarters.  He had kissed her deeply and told her “I love you, Mrs. Adama.”  And she had replied,  “I love you too, Mr. Adama.”  When Lee had told her he loved her, he had meant it.



A few days later Lee took Abby into sickbay for a check-up.  Cottle was delighted with her, she was making excellent progress and he told Lee “Whatever it is you’re doing keep doing it.” 

Lee bumped into Layne while they were there.  “I told you you’d both be fine, didn’t I?”  She joked as she held Abby.


“You did.  I should learn to listen”  He paused, shifted a little uncomfortably before adding,  “Layne, I want to say thank you for everything you’ve done for me and Abby.”


“I’m only doing my job, Sir.”  She replied modestly.


“No.  You did more than your job.  I want to thank you properly, how about dinner?”


“I’m on duty tonight, sir, but I’m free tomorrow.”  Layne smiled and handed Abby back to him.


Ever since their arms had brushed by accident Lee had felt a connection with her.  At first he had thought it was gratitude but now he realised it was something else. 


“Tomorrow then,” he nodded, smiling.  “Joe’s?  8 o’ clock?”


“I’ll be there,” she told him, returning the smile.

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The Final Gift Part 8

Chapter Eight


By the time Lee was back on duty he and Abby had pretty much settled into a routine.  He was getting the hang of feeds and changing diapers though Abby had a knack of filling them not long after she had been changed.  Lee had to bathe her in the tiny sink as he only had a shower in his quarters.


When Layne began looking after her, he constantly asked her questions.

“Should she be sleeping as much?”  “Am I feeding her enough?” Layne reassured him as best she could.  Abby was fine, she was putting on weight, filling out, feeding well and seemed to be progressing well.


“Lee she’s doing great now and so are you.”  She could understand how anxious he was about the baby, having been there from the moment she was delivered.  Her heart had gone out to him and now he was taking great care of her.  She had grown to really like and care about Lee.


The only problem he had with her was every time Lee put her down to sleep she would scream the place down until he picked her up and as soon as Lee had her in his arms she would stop crying.


He was now back as CAG and was working with Helo to get himself fit enough to fly a viper again.  He wasn’t out of shape just needed to improve his fitness a little and work on his father.


He had taken Abby for a check up one morning and at this point Cottle decided she was healthy enough to lift all the restrictions on her.  The Admiral was due back from a meeting on Colonial One shortly and he decided to go down to the landing bay and surprise him.


Starbuck and Racetrack were the first to see him when he came into the landing bay with Abby and both raced over and cooed over her.


“So how long before you take your daughter up in a raptor?” Starbuck joked.


“Give me a chance she’s only 3 months old.” Lee replied. 


The Admiral’s raptor landed a short time later and Lee was there to meet him with a grin on his face and Abby in his arms.  Bill stepped out the raptor and smiled back at Lee.


“Abby missed her Granddad and wanted to come and say hello,” Lee explained.


“Seriously, Cottle says she’s fine now and there’s no need to keep her cooped up any more.  Dad what’s wrong?”  He had noticed the look on Bill’s face.


“Not here, come with me.”  Lee followed his father out of the Landing bay and they walked almost in silence to Bill’s quarters.  Once there they sat on the couch and Lee settled Abby in his knee.


“So are you going to tell me what’s going on?” Lee asked his father.


“Laura’s dying.  It’s only a matter of weeks now according to Cottle.”  Bill told Lee with genuine sadness in his voice.


Lee couldn’t say anything, he was stunned.  It felt like a kick in the guts, he knew that she would eventually die from the cancer but it was too soon.


“She’s so matter of fact about it, it’s frightening.” Bill was silent for a few moments and then continued:-


“I’ve decided something.  It’s taken me this long to realise what she means to me and I can’t stop her dying but I want her to know how I feel about her.  I’m going to ask Laura to marry me before it’s too late.” 


“You’re going to do what?” Lee was caught off guard by his father’s last statement.


“You heard me.  I’m going to ask Laura to marry me.  I love her, Son.”


“Dad. Go for it.  If I’ve learned one thing lately it’s that we have to grab any chance of happiness when you can.  Go for it.”

Lee’s understanding touched Bill. 


“One thing though, what if she says no?” Bill said.


“But she won’t say no, she can’t resist your granddaughter.” Lee replied and it was true, every time she came over to Galactica Laura brought something for Abby.  Sometimes it was clothes or toys, on her last visit she had brought her a toy bunny that now lived in Abby’s cot.


“Do you want Abby to propose for you?  Lee joked.  “Seriously though, Dad if she says no, it’s her choice. “


“I’m thinking of asking her over for dinner tomorrow.  You and Abby can join us and then you make yourself scarce while I do it.”


“Okay, but you tell me what she says.”




Laura had no idea what Bill had in store when she joined him, Lee, and Abby for dinner the next night.


Once dinner was over Lee left with the baby to put her to bed.

Bill and Laura were left on their own, and after some small talk Bill got down to business and he stunned Laura when he told her he loved her and wanted to spend whatever time they could together.  Then he asked her to marry him.

With tears in her eyes, she accepted.


Bill and Laura went to Lee’s quarters to tell him the good news.  He had just got Abby off to sleep when the knock on the door came.  He knew what Laura’s answer was by the look on his Father’s face.


“Come on in but be quiet she’s just dropped off.”  Lee told them.  Engaged or not if they woke up Abby, there would be trouble.


“We’ve got something to tell you, Lee.”  Laura said to him.


“Your Father and I, well we’re um, getting married.”  Laura’s face broke into a huge grin and Bill was beaming beside her. 


Lee went over and hugged her and then kissed her cheek. 

“Congratulations.  I’m so pleased for you both.”  He shook his fathers hand.


“There’s something I want to ask you, son.  We are planning to do this as soon as we can.  I would be honored if you would be my best man.”


“Are you sure?  Don’t you want to ask Tigh?”  Lee asked


“No, when I marry the woman I love I want my son by my side.”


“I would be honored, Dad.”  Lee replied.

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The Final Gift Part 7

Chapter Seven


When Abby was eight weeks old she had progressed to the point that Cottle was prepared to let her go home with Lee.


Lee was over the moon.  He had prepared his quarters as best he could and he practically ran into sickbay the day she was discharged.  Bill went with him and as he saw the look of sheer joy on Lee’s face he couldn’t help but grin as well.


Before discharging her, Cottle went through everything with Lee.  Abby’s immune system wasn’t fully developed as yet so for the time being she would have to be confined to his quarters in case she caught an infection, If he was concerned about anything he was to bring her into sickbay immediately and Cottle insisted on check-ups every second day.


Lee had been taken off active duty for seven days and when he returned to duty, Ishay would be taking care of Abby until she was well enough to go into day care.


“Okay Dad, I think that’s everything.  You have a beautiful daughter Major, congratulations.” Cottle said to Lee.


“Doc, I just want to say thanks for everything you’ve done for her.”


“My pleasure, now get your asses out of my sickbay.”  Cottle told them.


“Come on Lee, let’s go take your girl home”.  Bill said, his voice tight with emotion.


Lee picked up his daughter and held her tight as he and Bill walked back to his quarters with the baby.  “Hey Abby, guess what – you’re going home!”


The three Adamas were in Lee’s quarters a little while later.  Lee had put Abby down in her cot for a nap and he was sitting with a huge grin on his face.

 “What you looking so happy at?”  Bill asked him.


“A couple of weeks ago I thought I would never get her home.  I though she would be in sickbay forever.”


“Can I ask you something, Lee?”




“Was there ever a moment when you thought she wasn’t going to make it?”

Bill was slightly uneasy about asking that but he had to know.


“Honestly, there were a couple of times when I was sure she wouldn’t make it.

It was part of the reason it took me so long to name her, I told myself not to get too close in case anything happened.  But when she gripped onto my finger in the incubator I just knew she wasn’t to give up without a fight.  The first time I held her in my arms I just fell in love with her and I decided there and then she could have all the health problems in the world and I would still love her.  She’s my daughter.”


Bill looked at Lee with a look of pride on his face.  “You know something you are going to be one hell of a father.”


Lee was about to reply when Abby let out a little wail and started to cry.  “Well looks like someone needs her Dad.  I’ll leave you guys alone but if you need anything let me know.”  Bill said as Lee picked up the baby and held her to him.


After Bill left Lee walked around his quarters with Abby in his arms.  “Hey Abby, this is your home.”


He showed her a picture of him and Dee and told her “This is your mom.  She never met you, but if she had she would have fallen totally in love with you.  Like I have.  I love you, Abby.”


During the night Lee was woken by the sound of Abby crying.  Lee walked over and lifted her.  “Hey, what’s wrong baby?”  As soon as he picked her up she stopped crying.  She was drifting off again and Lee put her back down in the cot and as soon as he did so she started crying again.  He spent the next twenty minutes picking her up and putting her back down and every time he put her down she started crying again.  “Oh, for frak’s sake.”


Finally Lee lifted her up and took her into bed with him.  He lay down and put Abby onto his chest, one hand on her back and the other on the back of her head.  Abby stopped crying instantly and snuggled into her father’s chest.

“Good night Abby.” Lee planted a kiss on his daughter’s head and drifted off to sleep with his daughter in his arms.




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The final gift Part 6

Chapter Six


Nearly a week later Lee made a decision about his future.  He was sitting with his father in his quarters after dinner.


Abby was continuing to progress well and Cottle was planning to take her off the drip and start to bottle-feed her.  Her breathing had improved a great deal and she now needed minimal oxygen.


“Lee, have you thought about what you’re going to do now?”


“Yeah I have.  Abby has to be my priority and if I go back to work with the President it will mean spending a lot of time away from her.  I’d be on Colonial One most of the time and running back and forward to meetings, I’d hardly see her.  I don’t want to be away from her for any longer than I have to so, I’m not going back.”


“She’ll be disappointed to lose you.  You know that. So what are you going to do?”  Bill guessed what was coming next but he let Lee say it.


Lee took a deep breath, here goes he thought.


“Well Dad, I want to come back to the Military, if you’ll have me.  I’ll do whatever you want me to do.  I’ll sweep the floors, cook meals, just let me come back.”


Lee tried to read his fathers face and was surprised when he saw a faint smile on Bill’s face.


“Nothing would make me happier Son.” Bill got up and walked over to his desk.  He took out Lee’s pins and handed them back to him they had been in the drawer since Lee took them off all those months ago  “Welcome back, Major.”


Bill thought for a minute then said,  “There is one condition.  You will not fly, not for the moment.

He saw the look of disappointment on Lee’s face.  “Think of your baby, she’s already lost her mother and I’m not about to put her father at risk.  We’ll find something for you to do.”


Lee reached out and hugged his father.  After he let him go Lee looked at Bill. 

“Dad there’s something I want to tell you.  Since Dee died you’ve been there for me and you have no idea how much that has meant to me.  When you held me just after she died nothing else mattered to me except you were there.  I don’t know how I can ever say thank you.  I love you dad.”


Lee meant it from the bottom of his heart, since Dee died he had felt his fathers’ strong arms around him.  He knew he wasn’t alone and those strong arms would continue to be there whether he knew he needed them, or not.


Listening to his son Bill had a lump in his throat and he felt tears sting his eyes.  He reached out and hugged Lee in return.  He had hoped that during these first days he was some comfort to him.  Bill had no idea how Lee kept it together during those first few days.  If it were him he wouldn’t have coped as well he knew that for a fact. 


 “You can thank me by taking care of our girl and being the best Dad to her you can.  I love you too Son”


“I will, Dad.” Lee promised.




One week later Lee was in his quarters preparing for his first day back on duty.  Bill had given him a shift in CIC so that he could be near him.


Pulling on his uniform, Lee smiled.  Funny how things can change, nearly a year ago he swore blind he was not putting the uniform back on for anyone or anything.  Now here he was, eating those words, but it was for his daughter and if he was being truthful for himself as well.  He needed to be near his Father again, he didn’t just need to be near Bill he wanted to be with him and Lee couldn’t remember the last time he felt that way towards his father.


He smiled as he thought of Abby.  Now 4 weeks old she was proving to be quite a fighter.  The bottle feeding hadn’t gone according to plan, Abby had been sick a lot and started to lose weight and they had to switch her back to drip feeding for a while but they were going to try again.


It had been difficult at first but he loved Abby more than anything.  She was such a tough little thing and he was so proud of her.  Cottle had told him the other day there was no doubt she was an Adama; she was as stubborn as him and his father.


He made his way to CIC.  His father was already there waiting for him and when he walked in the entire room burst into applause.  Bill walked over and saluted him.  “Welcome back, Major” he said fighting back tears.


Lee too had to blink back the tears “Thank you, Sir,” he replied returning the salute, his voice shaking a little.  He never expected this reception.  His insides were churning.


Fortunately he was kept busy during his first shift.  A few times he caught himself looking over at the comms console. Stop it.  She’s not there anymore he told himself.


Bill stood watching him in CIC a look of pride on his face.  He had come through one hell of an ordeal and he was now picking up the pieces. 


Colonel Tigh was standing beside Bill and he turned to Bill as they both watched Lee pour over a navigational chart with Gaeta and said to him “You know Bill, I never said this before but you have got one hell of a tough kid there.  I know what it’s like to lose a wife but to be left to bring up a kid as well.  You must be one proud man.”


“I am, Saul” Bill replied not taking his eyes off Lee.  “I’m also one very proud grandfather.”

The Final Gift Part 5


Chapter Five 


Bill had gone down to ship stores and found the things Dee had placed in storage for when the baby came.  She had a mountain of clothes, blankets and a few toys, enough to tide them over for the time being.


There had been times during the past two weeks when he was in CIC he caught himself looking over at the comms console and had to remind himself that she wasn’t there. 


A wave of sadness swept over Bill as he thought of Dee.  She had been like a daughter to him and he was happy when she had married Lee.  He had hoped that one day they would have children but not under these circumstances.

Abby was steadily improving but not out of danger as yet and Bill wondered what Dee would make of her daughter.  He had no doubt that she would have made a good mother but she had been cruelly robbed of the chance.


For the first time Bill started to blame himself.  If I had made her stay she would still be here now.  Why didn’t I send Hoshi?  This is my fault.


He had Abby’s things boxed up and sent to Lee’s quarters.  He would feel much better when he saw them. 




Lee was with Abby in sickbay when he got a visitor.  She was continuing to progress well and as Lee sat with her in his arms, he heard Kara’s voice.


“Hey Lee.” She smiled at him.  “I thought I’d come and check out this baby of yours.”


 “Abby, I’d like you to meet your Auntie Kara.” Lee said to his daughter. 


She looked down at the little girl in Lee’s arms and for once Kara Thrace was speechless.  “Oh Lee, my Gods she is beautiful” Kara kissed the little girl’s head, trying not to wake the sleeping child.


“I haven’t seen you much since the funeral, how you holding up?”


“I’m all right.”  And he was doing okay, largely thanks to his father.


“Lee, I just want you to know I’m here.  If I can do anything let me know.”


Lee was touched.  He let out a slow breath “Thank you”.


“I mean it Lee.  I want to help.”  She held his gaze and Lee saw something else other than concern in her eyes. 


He looked away and back down to Abby who was stirring in his arms.


“I’ll let you know.”  He said. 


“I gotta go or Stinger will have my ass again.”  Bending down she kissed the baby “Bye Abby.  I’ll come see you soon I promise.  You keep getting better for your daddy” Then she kissed Lee on the cheek and drew him into a hug.


  “Bye Lee.”


When he returned to his quarters later he saw the boxes on the table.  There was a note from his father.  Look what Dee had in storage, didn’t I tell you not to worry?


Lee stood with a tiny smile on his lips Abby would be fine for things for a while.  He was starting to feel a bit more confident that Abby would make it.

Cottle had mentioned to him that if her progress continued at this rate then soon he would be considering letter her go home with him.  Things were definitely looking a bit brighter for him and Abby.

The Final gift part 4

Chapter Four


Lee lay in bed one night unable to sleep.  So many things were going around his head.  It had come as a shock when Dee told him she was pregnant, they were separated and the baby was anything but planned.  He was slowly getting used to the idea of being a dad, he was planning to be involved with his child but he always thought that Dee would be the one doing the day to day caring, not him. 


Now he was left alone to bring up their child and he was panicking.  She was slowly getting stronger and Cottle was cautiously optimistic about her future.  Lee didn’t know the first thing about taking care of a baby, he had nothing for her and the feelings of panic that he had been choking down since her birth began to overwhelm him.  A sob escaped from his throat and he began to cry, he was completely terrified.  His biggest fear was that he would let his child down and he knew first hand how that felt and he wouldn’t wish that on anybody.  He lay in bed tears streaming down his face until he fell into an exhausted sleep.


Lee was wakened by the sound of someone hammering on his door.  He got up and answered the door to his father.


As soon as Bill saw him, a feeling of concern swept over him.  Lee looked exhausted, he was pale, his eyes bloodshot  “Lee did you manage to get any sleep last night?”


“I’m okay,” came his stock reply as Lee busied himself getting clean clothes out of his closet. 


“Lee, talk to me son.  The past few weeks have been rough. I’m worried about you and don’t you dare tell me you’re fine because you’re not.”


Lee couldn’t answer, he had heard the concern in his father’s voice and he knew he was right.  Recent events had shaken him to the core and it had surprised him.  He had not bargained on the depth of the grief he was feeling but he knew he had to be strong for the baby.  He couldn’t admit his fears to his father.


“Lee, I want to help you.”  Lee turned and once he saw the look on his fathers face it undid his resolve.


Lee walked over to the couch and took a deep breath.  He looked Bill in the eye and told him tearfully.  “Dad, I don’t know if I can do this.”


Bill sat beside him and pulled him into his arms.  Bill was saddened to hear Lee saying those words, Lee always had an amazing capacity for self-doubt and this was no time for him to doubt himself.  And whose fault is it that he constantly doubts himself Bill thought?


 “Lee you can do this.  You’re strong and that baby is counting on you.  You’re not going to be on your own, I’m here and I’ll help.  It may be nearly thirty years since I changed a diaper but I can do feeds, baby-sit whatever you want me to do.  We’ll do this together.”


“But look at this place, I don’t have anything for her”.


“Lee that’s not a problem, we’ll get her whatever she needs.  You just concentrate on her for the moment, lets get her well.  You need to start taking care of yourself as well.  Why don’t you go back to bed and get some rest.  I’ll drop in to sickbay to see the baby and if they need you they can call you.”


“Okay,” Lee agreed and Bill helped him back into bed.  Lee felt a little better at his father’s reassurance.  Lee was soon sound asleep and when he woke hours later he felt more rested than he had in a long time.  He got out of bed, had a shower, got dressed and then went to the mess to get something to eat before going to sickbay.


 When he arrived he noticed sickbay was a little more crowded than normal.

One of the nurses told him that President Roslin was over for a check up.


He went through to the Intensive Care area and smiled when he saw his baby.  She was asleep in her incubator and Ishay was checking over.


 “Hey looks like someone’s Dad is here” Ishay said and smiled.


Once Ishay had finished checking her over she lifted the baby and handed her to Lee.  “Hi sweetheart, did you miss me.  While the baby was settling in his arms, Lee accidentally brushed his arm against Ishay’s.  Their eyes caught for a few moments and Lee felt something.  He quickly looked down at the baby.  When their arms had brushed it was like an electric shock.


“I’ll leave you two alone but if you need anything let me know”. Ishay told him, trying to recover her composure.


Lee settled back in the chair with the baby in his arms.  A while later Bill came down to visit.


“Dad I’ve decided on her name.  I’m going to call her Abby.  Abby Laura Adama.  What do you think?”


“It’s beautiful” Bill replied, his voice choked with emotion.  “Laura is going to be thrilled when you tell her.”


“I’m going to be thrilled with what?” said a voice behind them.


“I thought I’d stop by and see how you guys are while I’m here”, Laura smiled at them.


“We’re doing fine,” Lee replied.  He looked so contented with the baby in his arms.


“You must be so relived she’s doing okay” Laura said  “So are you guys going to let me in on the secret or what?”


“I’ve decided on her name.  Abby Laura.”  Lee smiled down at his daughter and then at Laura whose eyes filled with tears.


Laura knew she wouldn’t live to see Abby grow up.  Cottle had told her that the chemotherapy was not working and her cancer was spreading.


“Oh Lee.  It’s perfect.” And with that she bent down and kissed Abby.  “I’m very happy to meet you, Abby Laura.”