The Final Gift Part 3

Chapter Three


Three days after Dee’s death Lee was in his quarters getting ready for her funeral.  He was completely numb, still in shock at what had happened.  One minute she was there getting ready to go to the Valhalla and the next she was gone.  Lee wondered where she was now, was she with her family?  Did she suffer?  Did she know that he truly loved her and that now he felt like his heart had been ripped out?  What would she make of their daughter?


He felt like the walls were closing in on him.  His Dad had barely left his side since it happened.  Finally Lee had yelled at him to leave him alone and he had gone.  Lee needed to breathe, needed time to think.  For the past three days all he had seen was his quarters and sickbay where his newborn daughter was fighting for her life.  He constantly questioned whether he had done the right thing or not.  The reasonable part of his brain knew he had made the right decision but still he wondered if it would have been kinder to have let her go with Dee. 


He was so lost in his thoughts he didn’t hear the knock on his door.  He heard his father’s voice and went to open the door.  Bill Adama stood there in his dress greys, a look of concern on his face.


“Come in Dad, I’m almost ready” he told his father.  “Dad listen, about yesterday… I shouldn’t have yelled at you, I’m sorry.”


“Hey, you have nothing to be sorry for.  You would think by now I would know when my son needs my help and when to back off.”  Bill replied.  “It’s almost time, you ready?”


Lee nodded then as he was putting on his suit jacket he paused and looked at Bill.


“Dad … I don’t know if I can do this”.


Bill walked up to his son and put a hand on his shoulder.  “Listen to me.  You can do this Lee.  It’s hard and it hurts like hell but you can do it, you’re strong.”


Lee nodded at his father’s words. 


“I’m going to be right here with you,” Bill promised.


They walked in silence to the hangar deck.  Despite the words of encouragement from his father, by the time they got there Lee was beginning to panic, he was struggling to breathe.  The Priestess was waiting for them and before beginning the ceremony she had a few words with Lee and Bill.  Lee caught his Father’s arm.


 “Dad.  I just need a minute.”  He was feeling dizzy; he held on to the wall and took a few deep breaths.  Come on Lee, you can do this, he told himself.  The last time he had felt this way was when Zak died, the self same thing had happened at his funeral.  Bill stood watching him worry written all over his face.  After a few minutes Lee turned to his father and said, “Okay let’s do it.”


The service was thankfully quite short.  Lee stood beside his father, his face a study in pain, choking back tears.  They listened as the Priestess asked the Lords of Kobol for mercy on the soul of Anastasia Dualla.  There were a few readings, and then Gaeta gave a touching eulogy.


Then came the final prayer.  When the Priestess asked the Lords of Kobol for their blessing not only for Dualla’s husband but also for her newborn daughter, it was more than he could take.  His shoulders shook as tears slid down his face. Although Lee was not a religious man, he found himself saying a silent prayer to the Lords of Kobol as well to protect his daughter.


When the final salute came Lee stood with tears still running down his cheeks and he saluted Dee’s coffin.  It was at that moment he looked at his father and saw the tears on his face too.  Lee moved closer to Bill and gently put his hand on his arm.  Bill looked at Lee and then they both embraced each other, not caring who saw them.  “I’m right here, Lee” Bill whispered to him as they both cried.


After the service was over Lee was approached by several of the crew who offered their condolences and asked how the baby was doing.


He was standing with Bill when Kara came up to him.  “Lee, I don’t know what to say to you.  I’m sorry.  If I can do anything, you let me know.”


Touched, Lee said, “Thanks, Kara”.


“I mean it… if you need anything, if you need to blow off a little steam, need someone to get drunk with, I’m here.  Speaking of getting drunk you know there’s a wake at Joe’s later.  You gonna come?”


“I know, I don’t think so though,” Lee replied.


Not wanting to press the matter further, she changed the subject.  “So how’s the baby?  When can I come and see her?”


“She’s doing okay.  I’ll let you know when you can see her.” Lee told her.


“She’ll be fine Lee, you know that”.


“Kara, how can you be so sure?”


“I know because she is your daughter.  If she is even half the fighter you are Lee, then she will come through this.  And she will; she’ll want to meet her daddy.” Kara told him.


Lee didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.  Instead he reached out and hugged her.  “Thanks.”. 


“The offer of a drink stands,” Kara, said. 


“I’ll let you know,” he replied.




A few days passed.  As had become his usual morning routine,  Lee headed to sickbay to be with the baby.  She was making steady progress and Cottle was pleased with her improvement although he did stress that she was not out of danger but he was cautiously optimistic.  She was putting on weight and her breathing had stabilised.  Kara had been right - he had a little fighter on his hands.


Paramedic Layne Ishay was checking her vitals when he came in.  “Hey” she smiled at him.


Since the baby was born Lee had practically lived in sickbay only leaving to eat or sleep or shower and she had gotten used to his constant presence, watching over his daughter.


Cottle was their best doctor and Ishay had saved his Father when Boomer had tried to assassinate him.  She had a very calming nature that seemed to put Lee at ease, as much as he could be at ease with his daughter so sick and as a result he felt very comfortable with her.


“How’s she doing today?” he smiled back.


“She’s doing very well.  So well in fact that I think you both deserve a little treat.”


Lee looked puzzled.


“Why don’t you sit down?”  He did as she asked, watching as she walked over to the incubator and took the baby out.  She handed her to Lee.


Lee’s eyes grew wide as Ishay settled the baby in his arms.  As Lee gazed down in wonderment, she opened her eyes and Lee looked into a pair of blue eyes so like his own that his breath caught in his throat.


“Hey baby,” he whispered, fighting back the tears welling up in his eyes.


We’re still keeping her on oxygen for the time being and we’ll need to monitor her for a while but she’s improving,” Ishay assured him.


Lee was staring in awe at the wriggling bundle in his arms and couldn’t contain the huge grin that broke out on his face.  Ishay couldn’t help but smile as well.  Lee and the baby had been through a huge ordeal and her heart went out to the both of them.


“She’s due for a feed shortly.  I can show you how to do it if you’d like.”


“Thanks, I would” he replied. 


Sitting with his daughter in his arms and feeling more content than he had in a long time, he decided he was going to stop doubting himself.  He had definitely made the right decision.


Looking up at Ishay, Lee asked, ”Could you do something for me?”




“Could you contact CIC and ask my dad to come down here?  What do you think baby, do you want to meet your Granddad?”


Minutes later Bill Adama tore into sickbay with his heart in his mouth.  All he had been told was to report to sickbay and he had assumed that something was wrong.


He walked into the ICU area and panicked when he saw the empty incubator.


“Lee what the frak is going on?” he asked his son.


He could see Lee sitting in a chair.  As he got closer he saw the huge grin on Lee’s face.


“Hey dad, someone wanted to say hello to her Granddad.”


All the anxiety that had built up during his rush down to sickbay melted away as Bill bent down next to the chair and spoke to the baby, “Hi sweetheart.”  Bill choked back his own tears and Lee laughed at him. 


“You old softie, do you want to hold her?”


“Of course I do,” replied Bill.  Once she was settled in Bill’s arms it was Lee’s turn to get misty eyed.


“She looks just like you,” Bill told him.  “Have you thought of a name yet?”


“Not yet.  We never really discussed names.  I’ll have to think of one soon though; we can’t keep calling her baby girl Adama forever.”  Lee replied as Bill handed the baby back to Lee.


Ishay interrupted.  “It’s time for her feed.  I’ll do it and you can watch.” She said to Lee, reaching for the baby.


“Wait,” Lee replied, not wanting to give her up now she was cradled in his arms, “can I do it with you helping me?”


“All right, Dad” she agreed, good-naturedly.


She talked Lee through his first feed, he had a bit of trouble with the drip at first but he soon had the hang of it.  “You’re a natural,” Ishay told him as Bill stood watching, a smile beaming from his face. 


Bill had never been prouder of his son.  He was now a father and the little girl in his arms was depending on him.  He knew Lee was more than up to the challenge; hell Lee would be a better father than he had ever been to Lee.  Lee’s life would never be the same and Bill vowed that he would be there to help him, every step of the way.  He’d do his best to fix his mistakes by being the best Grandfather this little girl could ever wish for.

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The Final Gift Part 2



Chapter 2


When Bill and Lee arrived in sickbay Cottle took them through to his office and sat them down.  They were used to his usual irascible temperament but this time a look of genuine sadness greeted them as he explained the situation.


“We brought about 20 casualties back from the Valhalla; one of them was Lt.  Dualla.  She has numerous injuries, mostly fractures but she has also suffered a head injury and I have to tell you both that it’s not looking good.  There is every chance that she may not survive and if she does, this type of injury often results in severe brain damage.”


Lee was stunned; Bill put his arm around his son’s shoulder.


“Can I see her?” was all Lee could get out. 


“Of course I’ll take you to her in a minute but there is something I need to ask you first.  As I said, Dee’s chances of survival are not good but there’s a good chance the baby could, she’s 7 months along.  I can’t give any guarantees though.” 


Lee tried to let his words sink in but all he could think about was getting to Dee.  He pushed passed Cottle and made his way to her bedside.


“She looks so peaceful, like she’s sleeping,” he said to Bill as he joined his son at her side.  Lee took her hand.


Cottle came to find them a few moments later.  “I’ve just had the results of her brain stem tests and I’m afraid they confirm that Dee is brain dead. 


“I’m so sorry, Lee.” Bill’s voice was even lower than usual.


Lee just looked blankly at him and continued to hold Dee’s hand while Bill’s grip tightened on his shoulder, blinking back tears.


“Lee I have to ask you again.  We need to deliver the baby now.  I need your consent.”  Cottle pressed for his answer.


Lee couldn’t think; all that was going through his mind was Dee’s gone.


Gently Bill asked him, “Lee, the doctor need to know, what do you want to do?”


“Okay, do it.” he told Cottle.


A few minutes later he was in the OR with Dee while Cottle and Ishay delivered their child.  Lee kissed Dee’s cheek and told her, “You did it, we’ve got a girl.”  He was allowed a quick look at his daughter before Ishay rushed her away to an incubator.


Dee suffered a Cardiac Arrest and died minutes later.

Lee’s last words to his estranged wife were, “I love you Dee and I promise you I’ll take care of her,” he gently kissed her cheek. 


Bill had been waiting outside and one of the nurses came and told him he was needed in the OR.  He walked in to see Lee kissing Dee’s forehead and his heart broke for his son. 


Cottle walked passed him and told him, “We did everything we could Admiral but she’s gone.”  Bill nodded, solemnly.


“What about the baby?”


“Congratulations, you have a beautiful Granddaughter; we’re still checking her over.”


Bill walked over to his son.  “I’m so sorry” he whispered and pulled him into his arms. 


It was too much for Lee and he burst into tears.  “Dad” Lee sobbed and Bill tightened his embrace desperate to shield Lee from the pain but knowing he was powerless to do so.


Cottle came to find them.  “Lee , we’ve finished our preliminary examination of the baby if you want to come and see her.”


Reluctantly he broke the embrace with his father.  Bill’s arm remained around him, “Come on, let’s go see your girl.”


Lee wiped his eyes and then nodded at Cottle.


They were led through to the Intensive Care area and Lee’s heart almost stopped when he saw her.  She looked so vulnerable lying in the incubator with most of her tiny body covered with tubes.  There were wires on her chest and one attached to her temple.  He moved closer to the side of the incubator with Bill right beside him.


“She’s so small,” Lee said.


“How’s she doing?” asked Bill.


“For the moment she is holding her own.  Her breathing and heart rate are giving us a little cause for concern, however her vital signs have been holding steady for the past few minutes.  She is still pretty sick though.  I’ll leave you alone with her for a few minutes; you can touch her if you want.”  With that, Cottle left to tend to another of his patients.


“Dad why did I do this?” Lee asked, fresh tears falling from his eyes.


Bill struggled to find the words to console his son.  “You did it because it was the only thing you could do in the circumstances.  You’ve given her a chance to survive; the rest is up to her.”


“But look at her, she’s so tiny! You heard Cottle, she may not make it.”


“Lee, what were you supposed to do, let her die along with her Mother?  You had no choice, whether she survives or not you did the right thing.”  Bill reasoned.


Lee nodded and then he put his hand in to the incubator and touched his daughter for the first time.  As he ran his hand along her arm, she gripped onto his finger.


“Hey there little one,” Lee said to her “I’m your dad and I’m here with you.  I need you to do something for me.  I need you to stay with me.  Stay and get strong.  And you know what, your Granddad is here, too.”


Bill stood watching with tears in his eyes.  “Hey baby,” he whispered to his granddaughter.  You listen to your dad, okay?  You have to get strong because I want a cuddle”.


Cottle shooed them both out of sickbay a while later.  Grudgingly they agreed to leave only after Cottle promised to call them if there was the slightest change in her condition.


Bill turned to Lee and told him “I’m going to stay with you tonight, I don’t think you should be on your own right now.”


“Dad. I’ll be okay, you don’t have to”


“No, I’m not leaving you tonight.”  “Either you sleep in my quarters or I’ll sleep in yours.” Bill was determined.


Lee knew better than to argue with his Dad when he got that determined look in his eyes, and a small part of him was relieved and thankful for the company, though he’d never admit it openly.


“I’ve got a bottle of whisky I’ve been saving.  Think we could both use a stiff drink. I’ll go grab it and then meet you in your quarters” Bill told him.


10 minutes later Bill was back and pouring them both a drink.


“To Dee,” Bill raised his glass.  Lee raised his in turn and they both sipped the liquid, wincing slightly as it burned its way down their throats.


“ Dad I really loved her” Lee said, softly, staring at his wedding ring.  He still wore it even though they had separated for many months.  Part of him had never been willing to let go.


“I know you did, son.  I feel the same way about your mother.  Just because she’s not here anymore doesn’t mean that I’ll ever stop loving her.  And it will be the same with Dee.  Why don’t you try and get some rest?  I’ll be right here if you need anything.”


Lee was exhausted but doubted he could sleep.  However the emotional pounding he’d received took its toll and before he knew it, he’d fallen into a deep sleep.  “Good night, son.” Bill said.

The Final Gift Part1

This is the first part of my new fanfic.

My thanks to Bamberiffic and Laurie31 for the betaing.



The Final Gift


Chapter One


When he woke up that morning, Lee Adama had no idea that his whole world was about to change.  He had a busy day ahead of him, meetings with the President and Vice President mostly and then with the Quorum.  There was trouble within the fleet, the Geminons and Sagittarians mainly, but the unrest was spreading.


He was walking down the corridor to the briefing room when he bumped in Dualla.  He and Dee were getting on better than they had in months and although they were separated, they had managed to remain friends.


“Hey, how’s it going?” Lee asked her.


 “I’m fine thanks. This little one was kicking the life out of me last night though, weren’t you?” she said as she patted her bump.  She was now 7 months pregnant.


“I can’t stay chatting,” she continued, “I have to be on the Valhalla for 0900.”

Dee was helping with the refit and reprogramming of the ships communication system. 


“I can’t believe you talked the old man into letting you help.  Dee, you should be resting especially, when there are other people that can do this.”  Lee told her.


“Lee stop fussing, I’m fine.  You heard Cottle; I’m still fit for duty.  Besides I want to help”.  She smiled at him.  “Thanks for the concern though, it’s Sweet.” Without warning, she drew him into a hug and kissed him on the cheek.   As she pressed against him, the baby kicked.  “Did you feel that?”  She asked, pulling back a little.  Without waiting for his answer she grabbed his hand and rested it on her bump.  The baby kicked as if on cue and this time Lee couldn’t help but feel it.


“Oh my Gods Dee, it’s amazing!” Lee marvelled.  A couple of crewmembers passed them in the corridor and raised their eyebrows when they saw then together.


“I better go, don’t want to be late,” Dee told him.  “I’ll see you later.”


Somewhat reluctantly, Lee removed his hand.  He watched her walk down the corridor for a moment.  “Hey Dee, be careful okay?” He called after her.


She turned and smiled, “I’ll be fine, trust me.”  She replied before making her way down to the landing bay.


Lee turned and headed to the Briefing Room for his meetings with the President and Vice President.




Things were progressing well.  They had just begun to talk about the Geminon and Sagittarian crisis when the alarm sounded and Hoshi’s voice blared over the comm.


“Attention Galactica Set Condition 1 throughout the fleet.  Civilian ships, prepare for jump to emergency jump co-ordinates.  Two Cylon Basestars approaching.”


All three exchanged concerned glances, they were losing more people with every Cylon attack.  Last week the survivor count was at 37,904 and all they could do was pray that the body count was low this time around.


Several tense minutes passed.  No-one spoke, all they could do was sit and silently pray that they would come through this battle reasonably unscathed.  Hoshi’s voice again sounded over the comm. informing them to execute jump.


Once they were reunited with the fleet all three made their way up to CIC for a report on this latest assault.


“Admiral, how did we fair this time?” asked the President.


“Damage reports are still coming in but it looks like we got lucky.

“We’ve not lost a single ship,” replied the Admiral, a small smile of pride lingered on his lips for just a moment.


Lee couldn’t help smiling too; it looked like their luck was finally turning.


“Admiral, Doc Cottle is on the line.  He’s asking that you and Mr. Adama meet him urgently in sickbay,” Hoshi told him.


The Admiral exchanged a worried glance with Lee, and then turned to Hoshi, “Tell him we’re on our way.”


“Admiral, he says hurry.” Hoshi’s voice shook with the last word.


“Let’s go, Lee” and with that both men sped out of CIC.
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Trisha's London Adventures Part 1

At long last here's part 1 of my Con report - Part 2 and 3 will follow shortly


Serenity Complete Day 1


We arrive at Heathrow slightly early and after collecting our luggage me, Alexandra and Lynn head out to meet Peter and Rae.  Peter lifts me off my feet and into a huge hug and then more hugs from Rae we are off chasing round Heathrow to meet up with Heather and Lea.  More hugging ensues then we are off to get the bus over to the Thistle which will be home for the next few days.

The bus arrives and we meet up with the rest of the Bunnies - much hugging and squeeing ensues and it's like a family re-union.  It's so nice to finally meet up in person.  After we're all checked in we found the room and then it was time to go over to register at the convention.

After registration it was time to grab something to eat so the three of us plus Heather and Lea head over to McDonalds, we have great time and it's like i've known these people for years.

Later it's the opening Ceremony and I stand there hoping against hope that Sean has pulled off a minor miracle and managed to get Jamie along to the con after all.  He brings out an impressive line up W morgan Sheppard, Mark Sheppard, Ron Glass, Adam Baldwin, Richard L Brooks, Lea Cairns, Nicky Clyne, Kandyse McClure, Michelle Forbes and a writer.  Sean did mention that Jamie had been trying up until the last minute to try to come but it wasn't to be.

We head back to the room to get changed for the party, we'd decided to dress as viper pilots for this and didn't realise until later on that it was a pirate party but we had a great time.  We met Ruth newbieUK from the Kara/Lee shippers thread who is a total sweetheart and Ed Broken Mnemonic on said shipper thread who is the man to get stuck in an autograph quewe with.

I know it's short but I'll put up Saturday's and Sunday's reports later.

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BSG Envy

BSG – Envy


The Quorum of Twelve were meeting with President Roslin on Colonial One.  As the meeting went on a young woman stood up and asked to address the Quorum.


President Roslin had recently begun to allow civilians to observe the meetings. Curious about what she wanted they allowed her to speak, some of them thinking she would want to plead about cramped conditions on some of the ships.


As she walked she felt no fear, no remorse for what she was about to do.  She silently prayed Lords of Kobol hear my prayer, protect those I leave behind.


The young woman approached, opened her coat and then pushed a button and before anyone could react a huge explosion ripped through the room, sending people, desks and debris flying.




Admiral Bill Adama stood on the flight deck watching the scene around him.  The flight deck resembled a field hospital as Raptor after Raptor landed with casualties from Colonial One.


Nearly 3 hours ago a suicide bomber had blown herself up in the middle of a Quorum meeting and killed at least half a dozen of the Quorum members.  Several others were injured.


The feeling of dread had started to grow in the pit of his stomach the moment he heard the news.  The two people he cared most about were caught up in the blast.  According to the first briefing he had received the President was shaken but physically fine; she had a few cuts and bruises.  Lee however had not been so lucky; he was seriously hurt in the explosion.  Bill had no idea how badly hurt, the comms system on Colonial One had been damaged in the blast and they were relying on patchy medical bulletins for information.


At last the Raptor carrying Laura and Lee landed.  Laura was helped out by a couple of medics.  As soon as she saw Bill she ran into his arms.  She was shaking; Bill could feel her trembling as he held her. 


“It’s okay Madam President,” he said, trying to reassure her.  “We better get you to sickbay, make sure you’re alright.”


She nodded and then Bill froze. He watched the medical team carry Lee out of the Raptor on a stretcher.  From where he was standing he could tell Lee was in a bad way, and worse yet Doc Cottle and Paramedic Ishay were exchanging meaningful looks as they waited.


Bill ran over to his son and as he did he felt the cold hand of fear clutch at him.  Lee was unconscious, his shirt covered in blood, it was clear he had lost a lot of blood from his stomach and side; he also was having trouble breathing.  He had various other injuries but Bill could tell from their careful ministrations that Cottle’s main concern was dealing with the blood loss.


“Lee…Lee can you hear me? Son?” Bill asked as he took his hand, his own blood ran cold as he saw how pale he was and heard him gasping for air.  Bill gripped Lee’s hand tighter.


Bill turned towards Cottle. “Get him the frak into sickbay and out of this mess.”  Laura hovered just over Cottle’s shoulder, and her eyes met Bill’s with a curious longing. “You too, Madam President.” Bill continued, almost as an afterthought, never letting go of Lee’s hands as the medical assistants wheeled him towards sickbay.



Sickbay was crowded when they arrived and Cottle rushed Lee straight through to the ITU.


“I’m sorry Admiral, but you’re going to have to wait outside while we examine him.”


“Like Hell. I’m not leaving him.” Bill responded, his breath laboured and heavy.


“I don’t have time to argue with you. You have to wait out here and as soon as I have some information I’ll come and get you.” Cottle finished huffing down a cigarette and tossed the butt to Ishay before he lit another and pushed past Bill, mumbling under his breath.


Bill paced the corridor like a caged lion for the next few hours, eyeing anyone who came or entered sickbay as if they were a Cylon spy.  He had finally collapsed on a waiting bench, head in his hands, when he felt movement by his side.


“What the frak are they doing in there?” He barked, not even looking up to see who sat with him.


He opened his eyes to see a small; feminine had resting on his leg.


Laura tried to reason with him “Bill, for the love of the Gods, calm down.  They’re in there helping Lee to live.”


“Calm down.” Bill repeated, scowling.  That’s my son.”  “How can I….” His words failed as Laura put her arms around him. “My son….” He said, a muffled sob finally breaking free of the solid old man.  He opened himself in her embrace, relaxing into her hug as he felt his world shrink around him, not unlike the feeling just as Galactica jumped.  They sat in stillness for a long time, Bill unable to pull himself from her.



 The sliding sound of the glass door to sick bay finally shook Bill from his own thoughts.


“Admiral, sorry about the wait.”  Cottle exhaled loudly, as if he weren’t sorry at all but was expected to make such declarations. “I’m not going to mince words here – Lee is in a critical condition. He was hit by flying glass - shard narrowly missed his liver. He lost a lot of blood and we had a hell of a time trying to stabilise him.  He’s broken a couple of ribs, burns to his stomach and side, various deep cuts and bruises, and he’s inhaled a lot of smoke.”


No sooner had Cottle said the words than an alarm went off.  Bill heard Ishay calling for him, and Doc Cottle went running off with Bill hot on his heels.   He felt his stomach turn as he heard Ishay say, “He’s got no output.”


“Start CPR.” Cottle ordered her.


Bill stood horrified as Cottle and his team went to work on Lee. 


“Lee, come on.  Come on son just hang in there.” He whispered, his words growing louder until they exploded in a demanding shout. “Lee. Stay with me!” He cried over the constant alarm from the medical equipment.


Finally after 5 minutes the heart monitor gave a tentative beep, and resumed its rhythmic chirping.  Cottle looked up and said, “Okay we’ve got an output.  Ishay I want 10 minute obs.”


“I’m staying with him.” Bill said.


“Alright but you, Madam President, get back to bed I want you to rest.”


Bill turned around, startled to see Laura standing off to the side.  He was unaware she had followed him.  She opened her mouth as if to say something, but one glare from Cottle told her this was not the time.


Laura reluctantly left Bill as he sat at Lee’s side.  As Bill sat by Lee’s side he felt the same way he had when the Cylons had first attacked and his life as he knew it was gone.  It was terrifying how close he had come to losing Lee.


“Hey Lee.  I’m right here with you, I’m not going anywhere until you wake up.” He said his voice tentative at first but growing in strength.  “I won’t leave you. You better not leave me.”


Bill kept a vigil at his side for three days, leaving Tigh in complete command. He told Lee old war stories mostly, but having run out of them he was reminiscing about his two sons growing up.


“You looked so much like my dad, even then.” Bill said. “Zak looked up to you … like you were the greatest guy in the world. And you are. Better than this old man, at any rate.”  Bill’s voice was hoarse from talking, and he looked up to study his son’s face.


 He felt a tiny quiver in Lee’s hand, and Bill felt his heart leap as his son’s blue eyes opened to meet his.  “Hey Lee.” Bill smiled at him blinking back tears.  He remembered another day, long ago, when he had held Lee in his arms and watched him open his eyes for the first time.


Bill pressed the call button, and it was Cottle himself who came and checked Lee over.


“Alright Admiral, you can have a few minutes with him and then he has to rest.  Go easy… he’s a little groggy, you won’t get any sense out of him for a while.”


Bill’s heart was racing; he could barely let himself hope that Lee would be all right after all. But he knew his son was strong.  Strong like his dad…  Bill thought, recalling his own very close brush with death and how he had heard Lee’s voice calling to him.


Bill’s eyes met Lee’s again, and Lee gave his father a small smile and suddenly Bill, leaned towards him and kissed his forehead.


 “I…I hurt everywhere.” Lee said his voice hoarse due to lack of use.  He was in pain from the chest down, even breathing hurt. He felt his fathers kiss on his forehead just like when he was a child, giving him comfort.


“Yeah you got hurt pretty badly, but you’re on the mend now.”  Bill smiled, trying to give Lee the sense of hope he felt. He saw that Lee’s eyes were growing heavy.


“It’s okay. You get some rest and I’ll come see you later.”


Sleep seemed like a great idea to Lee, he felt no pain while he slept and knowing Bill would be there when he woke reassured him.


“Yeah … dad…” Lee said slowly as he closed his eyes. Bill covered his hand with his own, larger hand and kissed him on the forehead again.

 Bill chuckled at himself, realising how he had never been one to outwardly display emotion.

“I love you son,” Bill whispered. Lee tried to reply but he was already sound asleep.


Before Bill could turn around, Laura backed away from the curtain and walked as fast as she could down the hall, desperate to escape notice.  If Bill had turned and seen her she wasn’t quite sure what she could say. She peeked in once more on Lee sleeping, clutching the curtain as if it were a life line. 






As Lee’s condition gradually improved Bill grew more relieved. Apparently,

Cottle was delighted with his progress, but had stressed that Lee had a long way to go. Bill had promised Cottle, and himself, to be right there with him. I won’t let him down again. He inwardly vowed.  Bill returned to work part time, but always made sure that he spent the mornings with Lee. He seemed to be at his most alert then.  Bill hadn’t realised how much he had missed his son, seeing him every day and spending time together. He had taken it for granted when Lee was his CAG, and now that he was off Galactica altogether their interactions had been minimal.


Lee had just drifted off to sleep when Ishay came in.


“Tigh is requesting your presence in the CIC immediately, sir.” She said, saluting.  “They say it’s an emergency.”


“But who’s going to sit with Lee?”  Bill asked, scowling.


“I can do it.”


Bill turned towards the voice, recognising it as Laura Roslin’s. 

“I’m feeling much better.” She smiled. “At least it would make me feel like I’m doing something useful.”


Bill gave her an appraising glance. “Alright. But you call me if anything…”


“He’ll be fine, Bill.” Laura assured him.  Ishay looked from one to the other and continued with her work.


When Lee woke he started slightly at the sight of the President sitting at his bed and not his Father.   He had become used to Bill being at his side when he woke; Lee had begun to feel close to his Father again.


“Where’s my….the Admiral?” He asked, eyeing her uncomfortably. 


“Hello, Lee.  Your father was called to CIC so I said I’d stay with you until he gets back, he shouldn’t be too long” Laura reached out and took his hand, smiling gently.


“How’re you feeling?” he asked.


“I’m alright.  I’m hoping Cottle will let me out soon, he’s keeping me in as a precaution.”


Lee nodded and Laura fiddled with her hands, unsure of what to say to him her erstwhile friend – now political nemesis


They were silent for a few minutes then Laura asked, “So what do you remember?”


“Not a lot, I just remember a big bang, something hitting me and then I woke up in here.”


“Yeah it was one hell of a meeting.” Laura laughed.


“I guess so…” Lee said, closing his eyes again. Laura felt herself smile in spite of herself. It had been a long time since she had seen him smile at her…Captain Apollo.  She remembered the first time she had called him that.  She had saw so much in him then and now, even after everything they had been through together, she couldn’t help but care for him. Like a mother would, she thought. 


As she sat watching him as he slept, a cold feeling growing in the pit of her stomach. Seeing Bill and Lee together over the past few days she now knew she could never hope to illicit the emotion from Bill that Lee’s predicament had drawn from him. She had seen the terror in his eyes when Lee almost died and then saw the relief when he woke.  She had heard the raw nerves in his voice as he had talked to his unconscious son, and listened to his footsteps as he walked out at night, passing by her bed without so much as a “Hello.”


Part of her had wanted to scream at Bill “what about me? I was in that explosion too. Your son has completely betrayed me … humiliated me in public …continues to be a thorn in my side?”  But she knew any such admonishments would have fallen on deaf ears.  Laura had never been a mother – perhaps Bill felt like she could never understand.  Perhaps whatever she had felt growing between them would always come second to what he felt for his son, just as what President Adar had felt for her always came second to his job.  Laura was sick of feeling second.  She wanted to matter to someone – to Bill most of all.


She felt a wet tear fall down her face as she recognised the funny feeling inside herself at last.  She was jealous of Lee. Of his father’s love and concern, and the knowledge that Bill would stay by Lee’s side no matter what.


Laura Roslin had no one left in the universe at her side, not anymore.



















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BSG Aftershock

A little fanfic about how Lee coped in the immediate aftermath of Maelstrom.

BSG Aftershock


What happened after Maelstrom?


Lee landed back on Galactica in a complete daze.  Kara’s viper had exploded and she was dead. There was no way she could have survived the explosion, Lee knew that.


When he landed he was ordered to report to CIC, Lee had no idea what he was going to say.  The S&R Raptor was still searching for debris but Lee knew they would find nothing.  He had seen the explosion with his own eyes and heard Kara’s last words to him “Let me go”.


As he approached CIC Lee told himself keep it together Lee.

He knew the tears were not far off.  Why the hell did I talk her into flying Cap? 

When he got to CIC he was fighting to keep in control. 

He wasn’t the only one, the Admiral looked close to tears and Colonel Tigh wasn’t much better.  One look at Lee told them both that the worst had happened, Kara was gone.

He gave his report to the Admiral and Colonel Tigh and it sounded like somebody else talking not him.


The Admiral took him aside and asked him “is there any way she could have survived”  “None, there was nothing I could do”.  Lee replied in a choked voice.

The admiral nodded and then Lee pulled his father into a tight hug.  It was too much for the Admiral and he broke down.  Lee had to close his own eyes to fight back his own tears, they both needed to hold each other in that moment.

They broke apart finally with Bill saying he would contact Sam to let him know what had happened.


Lee turned to leave CIC and he caught Dee’s eye.  She followed him out to the corridor and didn’t say anything; she could tell he was struggling for control.  Dee simply put her arms around him and held him to her.  “Are you okay” she finally asked him.  Lee couldn’t reply he just clung tighter to her.




Later that night Lee lay in bed trying to sleep.  He kept seeing Kara’s face and her saying “Let me go Lee, it’s okay I’ll see you on the other side”. 

He lay on his side facing the wall, he closed his eyes hoping this time he would finally manage to sleep. 

He didn’t feel Dee getting into bed beside him.  “Lee, you asleep” she asked in a gentle voice.  When she didn’t a response Dee slid up behind him and put an arm around him.  Gently she kissed his cheek “I’m here, Lee”. 

Lee turned over and put his arms around her “I love you Dee” he told her as he lay his head on her chest and he fell asleep with his arms tight around her and Dee stroked his the back of his head.  “I love you too baby” she told him.





It was almost a week after Kara’s death when Lee finally broke.

He had gotten through the memorial service without any tears, his father had broken down when he was delivering his speech but Lee kept it together, how he did it he didn’t know.  There hadn’t been a flicker of emotion, nothing.


He was reading over a report when Dee came in to their quarters after she finished her shift in CIC.

“Lee are you okay” she asked him.

“I wish everybody would just stop asking me that.  I’m okay how many times do I need to say it”.

“Hey that’s not fair.  People are concerned about you Lee.  And it doesn’t matter how many times you say it, I know you’re not okay.”

Anger flared in Lee.

“How dare you.  You don’t know what I’m thinking, what I’m feeling right now,” Lee shouted at her.

“Exactly” Dee shot back  “Because you won’t talk about what happened, it’s like you’ve shut down.  You know there’s a rumour going round that you’re a Cylon because of the way you’re acting.”

“So let me get this straight.  Because I’m actually doing my job and not crying my eyes out at every turn I’m a Cylon.  That’s ridiculous.  None of them were there.  None of them saw her Viper explode none of them saw Kara”.

Lee couldn’t finish the sentence, he burst into tears.

Dee put her arms around him while the hot, angry tears ran down Lee’s cheeks.  “That’s it Lee, let it out.”

When he stopped crying Dee kissed him, “Feel better” she asked and went and got him a glass of water.

Lee got up and went into the bathroom and washed his face.

“You know, you had me worried there.”

“I’m sorry”, Lee responded.

“Listen I’m your wife and I love you, you can talk to me you know”

And with that Dee kissed him, within seconds Lee responded, first with soft gentle kisses then with more passion.

“I don’t wanna talk right now,” Lee said in between kisses.

“Well what do you wanna do” Dee replied laughing as she started ripping Lee’s clothes off.

“You read my mind” Lee replied as Dee led him over the bed.


















BSG Being Dad

BSG Being Dad


This is a little fanfic about Bill and Lee and what happens when Lee is seriously hurt, how will Bill react to almost losing Lee for real this time.



The Cylons had launched one of their most brutal assaults yet.  Galactica was taking on 2 base stars and the civilian ships were jumping away in sequence.

Unknown to most of them the FTL drives on the Rising Star had been tampered with , preventing it from jumping once it was their turn.


The Rising Star was then attacked by the Cylons and sustained heavy damage.  By some fluke though the FTL drives came back on line and at the last moment was able to jump away.


Once safely reunited with the rest of the fleet damage control teams from Galactica went over to assess the damage.  Admiral Adama took personal command of the mission.  He took three Raptors with him, one with medical personnel.  Before they left Helo had seen the concern on the face of Admiral Adama.  Lee, his only surviving son was on the Rising Star.  Helo had told the Admiral not to worry and they would find Lee.  Let’s hope so Bill replied. 


The Rising Star was a mess, the power was out on most of the ship, most of the bulkheads had collapsed and they had step over debris and wiring everywhere.


They had found Lee in Simon Lewis quarters, Lee had been with his boss and family when the attack happened.  Their quarters had been on the side of the ship that sustained most of the damage. When they walked into the cabin Ishay called to the Admiral and Helo they’re over here.  Part of the ceiling had collapsed and all 4 were lying underneath a support beam.  They moved the beam as much as they could.  Bill didn’t need to be a paramedic to tell that the lawyer Simon and his wife Isobel were dead.  The little girl, he didn’t know her name, was unconscious and so was Lee, by the looks of him he had been trying to shield the child.  He was bleeding heavily from the back of his head and chest, his right arm was broken and possibly his leg as well.  It was hard to tell due to the darkness on the ship. 

 They’re both alive but we’re going to have to move them as quickly as we can.  Lee can you hear me?  Bill said, son we’re gonna get you out of here as soon as we can, just hang on.  Bill held onto Lee’s hand hoping in some way that Lee would be aware of his presence.

How’s the kid Helo asked Ishay, she’s not as bad as him but we’ll need to check her over in sickbay to be sure.  It never occurred to Helo or Bill that Layne knew exactly where she was going.


Lee was one of about 20 casualties from the Rising Star.  Once they were safely in the raptor and on route to Galactica, Bill had asked for a medical team to meet them in the landing bay.


Once they landed Lee was rushed straight to sickbay, How bad is he?  Adama asked Ishay.  We won’t know the exact extent until we get him to sickbay but he is in a bad way Admiral.  Come on Ishay, Cottle shouted over to her.

I have to go Admiral, Layne said. 

Once they got to sickbay Lee was rushed straight into a treatment area and Cottle and his team went to work assessing his injuries.  All Adama could do was sit and wait.  Cottle had promised to come and speak to him once they had a clear picture of Lee’s condition. 

He was in for a long wait, President Roslin came and sat with him while he waited for news.  Bill got fed up and started pacing the floor, what the hell are they doing in there he said.  Laura sat beside him, Bill calm down he’s in the best possible hands, she tried to reassure him.  Calm down, calm down that’s my boy in there Bill shouted at her.  Bill sit down Laura said more firmly this time.  Let me tell you something about your son Bill.  He’s a fighter and a tough kid,  I’ve known that from the moment I first met him and he will get through this.  That seemed to take the wind out of Bill’s sails and he sat back down.  Bill squeezed Laura’s hand I just wish they would tell me something, for all I know he could be dying in there.  Then Bill’s voice broke I can’t lose him Laura, I just can’t.  A tear slid down his cheek and Laura pulled him into an embrace. 


Nearly an hour later Cottle came out and spoke to him.  Admiral, sorry to have kept you waiting for so long.  It’s been crazy in here.  It’s not good news I’m afraid, Lee’s in a critical condition.  He has a hairline fracture to the back of his skull, which isn’t causing any pressure on his brain at the moment but this could change.  He’s broken a couple of ribs and he’s bleeding internally.  He’s also broken his right arm.

We need to operate to stop the bleeding.  We’re prepping him right now for surgery.

Bill was stunned at the extent of Lee’s injuries.  Can I see him before you operate.

Ok just for a few moments though, we need to move quickly.

Bill followed Cottle through to the treatment area, Lee was unconscious and was being put into a surgical gown.  Bill walked over to his side and put his hand onto his shoulder.  I’m here Lee he told him.  I love you son he told him and Bill bent over and kissed his forehead and brushed the top of his hair with his hand.  I’m sorry sir but you need to go now, Ishay told him.  Bill stood and watched as his son was wheeled into surgery.


It was to be another long wait, three more hours had passed.  Bill was again sitting waiting for news with Laura beside him when Cottle came out.  Bill we’ve managed to stop the bleeding, he’s lost a lot of blood though.  We’ve given him a transfusion and he’ll need another one later but he’s a little more stable.  Give us a few minutes and you can see him.


Bill was lead through to where Lee was lying.  He was lying on his side and was being attached to a heart monitor, he had an iv running into his arm and numerous leads and tubes were attached to his body. 

What about his skull? Bill asked.  He had a hairline fracture replied Cottle, it’s a small fracture and it’s not putting any pressure onto his brain for the moment.  We’ll monitor him.  We’ve set his arm, he was lucky it was a clean break, although he may need another operation, it’s right on the site of his previous break. Bill had forgotten Lee had previously broken his arm playing football in college.

It going to be a case of wait and see I’m afraid.  We’ll know more once he wakes up.


Bill barely left Lee’s side over the next few days.  He only left when he was needed in CIC and to sleep.  Not that he slept much.

It had become clear that the FTL drives were tampered with once the culprit was caught Bill had personally promised that they would pay.

Lee was making a little progress, his injuries were healing, he had stopped bleeding internally and his vital signs were picking up but he still hadn’t woken up and Cottle had warned him that Lee faced a long road ahead of him once he came round. 


Bill sat at Lee’s bedside lost in his memories of Lee.  He remembered the first time he had held Lee just after he was born, the first time he had rode his bike, when he got his first A in school, when he made the school basketball team.


Lee was unconscious and Bill held his hand.  Hey I don’t know if you can hear me or not but if you can I’m here, he gently squeezed him hand.  I know I haven’t been the greatest father but I need you Lee.  You have to come back, do you hear me Lee.

None of this means anything without you.  The tears were running down Bill’s cheeks as he spoke to Lee.  I’m sorry, all that stuff I said to you I didn’t mean it. I can’t lose you as well.  Hurry up son and come back.


He didn’t even know what mood Lee would be in when he came round.  Would he forgive Bill for being a terrible father.  Would he want Bill near him or would he tell him to get the hell away from him.  He wouldn’t know until Lee woke up.


It was another three days before Lee woke.  Bill had been sitting talking to him when Lee suddenly squeezed his hand.  Bill shouted for Cottle who came running over, he just squeezed my hand Bill told Cottle.  Lee if you can hear me son do it again squeeze my hand and Lee did so.  A few moments later he opened his eyes.  Okay Bill wait outside I’m gonna check him over and then you can come back in. 


He seems to be okay but he’s very groggy, Cottle told Bill.  Two minutes Bill and then I want him to rest, don’t tire him out. 

Bill came back round the curtain and smiled at Lee, welcome back he managed to choke out before he pulled Lee into a tight hug.

Lee ,surprised returned his father’s hug and after a few moments he let out a soft moan.  Sorry said Bill as they broke apart.

How do you feel he asked Lee.  Sleepy replied Lee. 

I’m so glad your okay Bill told Lee as he helped him lie back down.

Dad I Lee started to say, hey Bill said we’ll talk later and we need to talk but it can wait until you’re a bit stronger.  Right now you need to rest, get your strength back.

You’ve been in the wars Apollo. 

Lee was starting to drift off to sleep again, do you want me to stay with you until you’re asleep.

Lee nodded and Bill held his hand until he drifted off, as he fell asleep Lee said I love you Dad.  I love you too Son Bill replied and he leaned over and kissed Lee’s forehead and stroked his hair.





Lee was getting stronger by the day and was making good progress.  Bill went into sickbay to check on him one day and saw him with Ishay.  They were talking and then she stroked his hair and kissed him, Lee had willingly responded to her kiss and had put his arm around her.  Neither of them had any idea that Bill was watching them.

Bill walked up to his bed with a smile on his face.

Hey kiddo how are you doing, he asked Lee.

I’m ok Lee replied.  He was still in a lot of pain with his broken arm and ribs and was getting a lot of headaches from his skull fracture but he seemed to his father to be in pretty good spirits.

That’s good Bill replied smiling.  Do you remember anything about the attack?

Not really Lee replied.  It’s all really hazy, I remember hearing this big bang and then waking up in here, everything else is a blur.  Don’t worry it will come back Bill reassured him.

What happened to Simon and Isobel Lee asked.  Bill didn’t need to reply, oh my gods.

Lee I’m sorry they didn’t make it, but Emma did, she’s been asking to see you.

Bill put his arm around his son.  Emma is okay, she’s on Colonial one with the President, I think she’s enjoying making a fuss of her.  She’s a great kid.

I can have Laura bring her over to see you tomorrow if you want. 

Lee nodded his mind was reeling, Simon and Isobel dead, the Rising Star attacked and he couldn’t remember a thing.


That night Lee did remember.  It all came flooding back in his sleep.  He was in Simon’s quarters preparing for an upcoming trial when the captain’s voice came over the intercom and told them to prepare for a jump.  The next thing the cylons attacked out of nowhere and hit the ship hard.  Lee heard a huge bang and out of instinct ordered them to get under the table.  He had just pushed Emma under when one of the support beams collapsed trapping Simon and Isobel.  He heard an ominous creak and looked up to see the ceiling about to collapse.  Knowing he had no time, he grabbed Emma and tried to shield her as best he could.  Then the ceiling fell and the last thing he remembered was Emma screaming, something hit his arm, then his head was struck and he blacked out.


He woke up screaming and was instantly pulled into a pair of strong arms.  He heard his fathers voice telling him it’s okay Lee, you’re safe now.  Tears were running down Lee’s cheeks and he clung onto his father like he was a child.  He had no idea why his father was there but he didn’t care.  All that mattered to him was that he was there.

Bill held him until the tears stopped, it’s all right Lee he told him and helped him lie back down.  Cottle brought him a mild sedative to help him sleep and soon Lee was out cold.  Bill was reluctant to leave him, he’ll sleep for hours now Cottle told him, you’ll get no sense out of him until the morning at least.  You need your rest as well Admiral.  Bill looked at Lee, he was sleeping soundly, I’ll see you in the morning kiddo he said before gently pulling the blankets up to cover him.


Next morning when Bill came to visit Lee could hardly look him in the eye.  He was mortified.  Dad I’m sorry about last night, they shouldn’t have called you he said.

Lee listen to me, you have nothing to be sorry for and by the way they didn’t call me.

I came down to see how you were so I was here anyway.

You are far too hard on yourself, you’re entitled to a couple of bad dreams after what you’ve been through Bill reassured him.